Political Science 10 

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Professor Paul M. Flor 

Introduction to International Relations

Course Information:

This course examines the factors that determine the relations between nations and the problems that result from the interplay of these factors.  The conditions that can lead to both conflict and cooperation among nations will be examined.  Major topics include international security, issues of international political economy, and international organizations.  International law and diplomacy are examined as alternative means to resolving conflict.
While satisfying units needed for degree completion, this course allows students to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the International Relations and World Politics.  This course is transferable to UC and CSU systems.


Five Current Event articles: The first one is due March 9
                                                        the second is due April 6
                                                        the third is due April 27

                                                        the fourth is due May 18
                                                        the last one is due June 08

Eight chapter worksheets:   the first four are due April 13                                                         the second four are due June 07

Midterm Exam: Scheduled for Friday, April 6

Course Worksheets:

     Worksheet for Chapter 1          Worksheet for Chapter 5

     Worksheet for Chapter 2          Worksheet for Chapter 6

     Worksheet for Chapter 3          Worksheet for Chapter 7

     Worksheet for Chapter 4          Worksheet for Chapter 8

Updated Course Lectures:

Lecture 1 - Introduction to International Relations
Lecture 2 - Trends, Actors, & Concepts
Lecture 3 - An Emerging Global Civil Society
Lecture 4 - International Relations in Historical Perspective
Lecture 5 - Thinking Theoretically
Lecture 6 - Power: Interests, Objectives, & Capabilities of States
Lecture 7 - Diplomacy: Managing Relations Among States
Lecture 8 - Force: War, Just War, & Armed Intervention

Online Resources:

        www.un.org    www.defenselink.mil
        www.nato.int    www.state.gov
        www.europa.eu.int    www.terrorism.com
        www.irtheory.com     www.wfm.org
        www.imf.org     www.opec.org
        www.hrw.org    www.amnesty.org