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                    Professor Paul M. Flor 

Course Name: Governments of the United States & California

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A survey of concepts, theories, and functions of the American political system; basic principles, functions, and administration of the United States Constitution and the government of California; emphasis on the formal and informal influences of federalism on national and state governments.  While satisfying units needed for degree completion, this course allows students to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the American Political System.  This course is transferable to UC and CSU systems.

Course Policies:

Eligibility for English 1A, or equivalent, is strongly recommended.  Tutors & instructional associates are available in the Learning Resource Center to help with writing assignments.


Outline of the U.S. Constitution
Political Power Grid
Midterm Review

State & Local Government 
Final Exam Review

Assignments: 23 sets of multiple choice & true/false questions

Located at www.etudes.org 

Audio Files:

September 13, 2011 Census Report
Wealth Distribution in the U.S.
Latino Higher Education Rates
Lead Nation in Childhood Poverty
Voting Rights Act Challenged

Constitutional Democracy lecture

Course Lectures:                         

Lecture 1A - Constitutional Democracy

Lecture 1B - Constitutional Democracy 

Lecture 2A - The Living Constitution Lecture 3 - American Federalism
Lecture 2B - The Living Constitution
Lecture 4 - Social/Domestic Policy
Lecture 4 - First Amendment Freedoms Lecture 5 - Bill of Rights
Lecture 6 - Equal Rights
Lecture 10 - Political Parties
Lecture 7 - Political Culture
Lecture 11 - Public Opinion & Voting
Lecture 8 - Political Landscape
Lecture 9 - Interest Groups
Lecture 12 - Campaigns & Elections
13 - Mass Media & Politics