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Current Semester

Professor Ladislao "Lalo" Mendoza 

Contact Information:

Phone: 1 (310) 900-1600 Ext. 2943

Office Location:  Athletic Depaertment

Building, Room:   W-E

Office Hours:

Day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, andThursday 
5:30 PM - 6:45 PM 

Coach Lalos' faculty photo. 

Courses Taught:

*CH. 001 - Contemporary Health
FAID. 001 - First Aid/CPR/AED
**P.E. 217 - Sports Officiating
**P.E. 277 - Introduction to Kinesiology and Physical Education
**RECR. 207 - Introduction to Recreation
**RECR. 217 - Recreation Leadership
**RECR. 307 - Camp Counseling

*  Currently offered as an Online course
**Scheduled to be offered as an Online course

Final Exam:

Mid Term and Final exams are scheduled during the eighth and sixteenth weeks of the semester. Specific day and time will be listed in the course syllabus for the particular course(s) you are taking.

Online Course:

CH. 001 - Contemporary Health


Handouts and reference materials will be distributed in class, or the instructor will provide you with links to electronically access the inmformation for your particular course(s).


Lecture notes and reference materials will be provided by the instructor via links to the pertinent resource4s for the particular course(s) you are taking.


Instructions and other pertinent information to the course(s) you are taking are in your course syllabus. Any concern the student may have that is not covered by the syllabus should be brought to the instructors attention.