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Physics and Astronomy 

Spring 2015

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Kent Schwitkis


It is best to email me, rather than call.  Of course, I'd "most rather" see you during office hours. 

Contact Information:

Phone  X 2428

Office Location:

Building, Room 
Math & Science, 204

I can also be found in MS126.

Office Hours: see syllabus

On campus hours below:

Fall Session 2015:    Mon/Wed   0715 to 2000         Tues            0715 to 1300        Thurs           1030 to 1300

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Current courses being taught:

  • ASTR-20-9830 (9830) The Solar System 08/22/2015-12/11/2015 Lecture Monday 01:00PM - 04:10PM, Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126
  • ASTR-20-9831 (9831) The Solar System 08/24/2015-10/14/2015 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 06:30PM - 9:50PM, Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126
  • ASTR-25-9833 (9833) Stars and Galaxies 08/22/2015-12/11/2015 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 11:30AM - 12:55PM, Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126
  • PHYS-1A-9889 (9889) Mechanics of Solids 08/22/2015-12/11/2015 Lecture Monday 9:30AM - 12:40PM, Wednesday 9:30-10:20AM , Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126 08/22/2015-12/11/2015 Lab Wednesday 10:30AM - 12:35PM, Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126
  • ASTR-12-9828 (9828) Astronomy Laboratory 10/19/2015-12/9/2015 Lab Monday, Wednesday 06:30PM - 09:50PM, Math/Science Compton Ctr, Room 126
Past Courses

Syllabi:  Please look to Etudes to get the most recent version.

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Final Exam:

see syllabus and Etudes

Online Course:

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see syllabus and Etudes


see syllabus and Etudes


see syllabus and Etudes