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Psych 5

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Professor Jasmine Phillips

Psychology 5 - 9175 Summer 2015
General Psychology

Course Information:

This course is a survey study of human behavior and mental processes with an emphasis on basic theory and research generated by the scientific method. Major topics include psychobiology, learning, human cognition, personality, lifespan development, psychological disorders, therapeutic approaches, and social psychology.

Course Grading Policies:

There will be five exams in the course equally weighted.  The lowest score will be dropped. 

There are NO MAKE-UPS for the Exams.  There are 400 grade points possible.



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Required Text:

D.G. Myers, Psychology in Modules: Tenth Edition (2012). New York: Worth Publishers.

 You may purchase (or rent) the required text from your bookstore (or favorite online seller). Be careful when buying the book. Be certain to buy the “modules” version.

Optional Text:

R.O. Straub & D.G. Myers, Psychology in Modules Study Guide (2013). New York: Worth Publishers.