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Jose M. Martinez      

Math 37: Basic Accelerated Math (BAM)

Spring 2015 

Course Information:

This elementary algebra course provides motivated students who place in basic arithmetic the opportunity to complete elementary algebra and develop numeracy skills in a single semester. There are two components to the course: a laboratory, in which students use a self-paced, mastery-learning online program designed to reinforce procedural knowledge, and a classroom experience comprising group activities and punctuated lectures, designed to strengthen the numeracy, problem solving skills, and conceptual understanding of the students.


The mathematical concepts and skills in BAM are divided into three parts,

Level A (numeracy and arithmetic),

Level B (algebra fundamentals and linear equations), and

Level C (algebra and quadratic, rational and radical equations),


Math 37-0250-Syllabus-Spring-2015


Test Corrections:

Test Corrections


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BAM Schedule for Levels A & B:

Levels A & B Schedule Spring 2015


BAM Schedule for Levels A, B & C:

Levels ABC Schedule Spring 2015