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ELEANOR L. SONIDO, instructor

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Course Information:

Our Purpose:

The main goal of this course is to make you information competent. This means that at the end of this course you would learn how to find, gather, evaluate and use information. In today's world, information comes from varied and multi-faceted sources; your knowledge and skills in dealing with information should make you an active part of our information- based society

Course Policies:




At the start of class you will be given a 600 points credit score. This is equivalent to an A. You can keep this score or you can loose the A. You can keep this score if you do the following:


1. Attend class every session.... Failure to attend one session is minus 50 points from your score. Attendance, classroom participation in exercises and assignments are factored in to equal 50 points per session.  If you fail to attend 4 times, we would deduct 200 from your credit score. If your credit score goes below 350 points, you will get a  NO CREDIT grade.


2. Work on your assignments and exercises and submit them on time. Each individual assignment or exercise is assigned a point or several points. If you fail to submit your assignment you will get a deduction from your credit score equivalent to the assigned points of the exercise or assignment.


3. There is a final examination equivalent to 100 points. You can earn this if you pass the finals. Your final score can either be one of the following:


            Credit Score     

Equivalent Letter Grade:

600 to 700


500 to 599


400 to  350


Below 350



4. Chances for extra credits can be arranged.



Syllabus/Syllabi for the course.



Course Material:


1.Course Format. The course is divided into two types of sessions: the lecture and the laboratory portion. In between these two sessions are individualized consultations where you can sit with the instructor for any particular problems you might like to discuss. You are to work independently during your laboratory sessions. You will be given tasks to complete during these sessions. You will be using the resources in the library most of the time. If you have a computer with Internet connection at home, you may bring your work at home for completion.


2. Assignments and Exercises  At the end of every week, you are to turn in all the assignments for the week. Some assignments require you to email them to me. And at the start of every week we will evaluate your assigned tasks or exercises.


4. Powerpoint presentations and classroom illustrations. Almost all the lessons have powerpoint presentations. We will show them every week. If you need to view them again, they will be provided to you and you can watch them on your own. These presentations are meant to illustrate concepts we would like you to acquire.


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