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English A -

Course Information:

Lecture Meeting Days: Friday

Lecture Meeting Times: 8:00-10:05; 10:06-12:11

Meeting Room: E-33

Required Texts:  Bread Givers; Paragraphs & Beyond

Optional Text Requirement: Dictionary & Thesaurus



Course Policies:

 Grading Scale:            You must obtain a C- or above to pass the course. 


Syllabus/Syllabi for the course.


Essay #1 - Final Draft DUE 3/26
Essay #1 Topic: Narrative Essay: Why is a college education is important to you?  Describe an event or person, etc. that has shaped your view on its importance.
Essay #2 - First Draft DUE 3/26
                     Final Draft DUE 4/9
Essay #2 Topic: Analysis By Division Essay: Choose one character in the novel.  Describe the character's personality.  Choose three aspects of the personality.  In addition, you need to provide evidence and quotes from the text to support your topic sentences & thesis statement.  (5 paragraphs minimum)
Midterm: 4/9 -
Study ALL Brandon chapters (2-9) - Be able to know the parts of an essay, know the difference between a narrative and analysis by division essay; know what is exemplification and its usefulness; know about the revision process.
Essay Topic: Choose a character to summarize the events that to him/her in Bread Givers.
Essay #3 -What is the life a married woman versus an unmarried woman?  Final Draft DUE 5/21
Essay #4 -"All pioneers have to get hard to survive" (232)  By using examples from the novel and the movie, describe how this phrase is either true or is not a complete assessment of the plight of those who are the first to do something.
First Draft DUE 5/28; Final Draft DUE 6/11
Group Project - Use stories in the book, the novel, and the movie to pick out a problem going on in society.  Describe the problem and provide a solution.  You need to make a visual and explain it to the class. Due 6/4 or 6/11
Research Project & Research Presentation: Due 6/11
1 - Write three paragraphs describing what you have taken from this class.  What did you learn?  What will help you in the following courses?
2 - Write seven-paragraphs describing your research on a topic you choose: Pick a problem/struggle women have dealt with in the US.  This could be current or in the past.  You could also pick a woman who was involved in the Women's Movement.
3 - Write two paragraphs describing the influence this course and this research project may have upon you and your outlook about American society.

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