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 English 84 

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Developmental Reading and Writing

Course Information:

This course is designed to prepare students to read college-level reading materials.  Special emphasis will be placed on moving the students from a literal level of comprehension to a critical analysis of texts.  Students will be able to integrate specific reading strategies rather than focus on individual skills, and will write responses to texts. 

Course Policies:

A. Tardy Policy

            Four late shows to a class session, as well as leaving early results in one absence.

B. Absence Policy

            Absent the first day will result in being dropped from the course.  Due to the enormous size in the class, after two absences you may be dropped from the course, especially during the first two weeks of class.  You need to ALWAYS communicate with me if you will be absent.

C. Excused or unexcused absences

            An Unexcused absence must be documented with a doctor’s note or an obituary. 

D. Attendance at first class

Students who enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting may be dropped from the roster. A student who registers for a class and never attends is still responsible for dropping the class.

E. Attendance without official enrollment

Students will not be permitted to attend classes in which they are not enrolled.

F. Attendance during semester

A student may be dropped from class when the number of hours absent exceeds the number of units assigned to the course. If your absences and tardiness exceed the unit value of the course, you can be dropped.

This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment.


Pass and Fail; C- average is required to Pass

A.    Participation (300)

a.     Group Presentation (50 each)

b.    Class Discussion (100)

c.     Homework (100)

B.    Quiz’s  (100)

C.    Group Activity (100)

D.    Mid-Term (100)

E.    Final (100)



Syllabus/Syllabi for the course. Click here to download.


Week One (Due January 8, 2010) – Write a page (3 paragraphs) describing your childhood.  How were you like as a child?  What fun things did you do to help shape you as an adult?


Week Two (Due January 15, 2010)– Write a page (3 paragraphs) describing the first time you had a crush on someone or about your first pet.  This should still take place during your adolescent years (0-18 years old).


Week Three (Due January 22, 2010) – Write a page (3 paragraphs) describing when you realized you were an adult and had to take care of adult responsibilities.  This could be getting your first apartment, paying bills, having a child, etc.


Week Four (Due January 29, 2010)– Write a page (3 paragraphs) describing the type of things you wish to accomplish in the next one-two years.  Don’t forget to describe you plan on accomplishing these goals.  You can only discuss up to three plausible goals.


Course Material:


Personal Assessment

Course Introduction

Chapter One and Two of Nadell

Introduction to the Text

Langan – Chapter 1, 2

Nist – 1-6


Langan – Chapter 3-6

Nist – Chapter 7-15

Souljah – 1-18

Group Presentation on Langan, Part II Chapter 1-5


No School, January 18, 2010

Mid-Term, January 22, 2010

Langan – Chapter 7, 8

Nist – Chapter 16-21

Souljah – 18-25


Langan – Chapter 9-10

Nist – Chapter 22-30

Souljah – 36-50

Group Presentation on Langan, Part II Chapter 6-10


Group Activity (Feb. 3,4,5)

Complete Sister Souljah, Midnight


Final Presentations (Feb. 9)


Online Resources: