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Academic Strategies 20AB 
Instructor Craigg

Course Name: Academic Strategies 20AB - Prewriting Workshop

Course Information:

Meeting Days: Monday & Wednesday
Meeting Times: 11:00-1:05pm
Location: D-34

Course Description:
This course has two goals: to break the negative psychological barriers to writing and to develop an understanding of writing as a process that includes prewriting as its most important step.

Course Objectives:

Students will learn the following:
A. Identify their major fears and/or apprehensions regarding writing.
B. Utilizing resources in the library, Learning Resource Center and the Writing Center as a means of preparation for a writing assignment.
C. Utilizing brainstorming as a means of generating ideas for numerous writing assignments.
D. Identify and define basic terminology frequently used in English classes, such as sentence, paragraph, essay, composition, supporting sentences, etc.
E. Identify and develop a thesis statement.
F. Develop a basic outline for a paper.

Course Policies:

This is a Credit/No Credit Course.

You must have a C- average in order to pass this course.

There is a total of 600 points in the course.


Attendance Requirements:

A. Tardy Policy

            Four late shows to a class session, as well as leaving early results in one absence.

B. Absence Policy

            After four absences, you will be dropped from the course. 

C. Excused or unexcused absences

            An Unexcused absence must be documented with a doctor’s note or an obituary. 

D. Attendance at first class

Students who enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting may be dropped from the roster. A student who registers for a class and never attends is still responsible for dropping the class.

E. Attendance without official enrollment

Students will not be permitted to attend classes in which they are not enrolled.

F. Attendance during semester

A student may be dropped from class when the number of hours absent exceeds the number of units assigned to the course. If your absences and tardiness exceed the unit value of the course, you can be dropped.

This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment.



Syllabus/Syllabi for the course. Please Click Here.



Class Assignment

Pre-Writing Basics – Brainstorming, Clustering, Mapping, Listing, Free-writing

The Writer in You! – Music (50 points)


Class Assignment

The Writer in You! – Art (50 points)


Class Assignment

The Writer in You! – Poetry (50 points)


Class Assignment

The Writer in You! – Short Story (50 points)


Class Assignment

The Writer in You! – Movie/Play (50 points)


Class Assignment

The Writer in You! - Current Events (50 points)


Class Assignment

Field Study – Library Assignment (Research – 50 points)


Final Review

The Writer You discovered! – Portfolio (100 Points); Creative Writing (100 points)

Course Material:

Journal, Notebook, Paper, Dividers

Online Resources: