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Guiding Principles for Planning and Budgeting

Compton Community College District

Spring 2011

In light of the current budget uncertainties, the recommendations and decisions we must make will be difficult. It is important that the Compton Community College District develop a plan to assist the Compton Community Educational Center maintain student access, as well as propose a fiscally responsible long-term vision. The following principles will guide the Compton Community College District's 2011-2012 Budget Planning Process:

  1. Student learning and student success are key to every recommendation and decision.
  2. As we will not be able to offer the same number of programs and class sections, nor and the same level of student support services, reductions will be achieved by assessing all programs and services for their viability, relevance, cost effectiveness and ability to meet community needs.
  3. Remaining programs and student support services will be of high quality and appropriately supported.
  4. All efforts will be made to create and support revenue generating opportunities.
  5. We are creating a dynamic, flexible organization that can easily adapt as future changes to our state's economy unfold.
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