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Accreditation Steering Committee

Under the leadership of the Compton Community College District CEO, the El Camino College Vice President, Compton Center, and Compton Center's Faculty Council President, the Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) is comprised of faculty, students, classified staff and administrators. The ASC has five subcommittees that will assess and respond to the ACCJC's 21 eligibility criteria for accreditation. ASC subcommittee members are also responsible for gathering relevant evidence demonstrating that Compton Center meets each one of the criteria before applying for accreditation.

Statement of Purpose

To coordinate the El Camino College Compton Center accreditation activities The Steering Committee will be composed of the Provost/CEO, Accreditation Liaison Officer, El Camino College Vice Presidents, standard team leaders, a representative from Institutional Research and Planning, and other interested individuals.

Accreditation Sub-Committees and Chairs

  1. Organization

    • Interim Chief Executive Officer, Keith Curry, Chair
  2. Instruction/Faculty

    • Coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes, Chelvi Subramaniam, Chair
  3. Student Services/Public Information

    • Vice-President, Student & Community Advancement, Jeanie Nishime, Co-chair
    • Interim Dean of Student Services, Valarie O'Guynn, Co-chair
  4. Financial Integrity

    • Vice-President, Administrative Services, JoAnn Higdon, Co-chair
    • Chief Business Officer, Felipe Lopez, Co-chair
  5. Planning and Evaluation

    • Vice President, Compton Center, Barbara Perez, Chair

Meeting Dates and Location

Generally, the committee will meet the second Wednesday of every other month from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. in the Board Room. Scheduled for every other month by Steering Committee co-chairs.


View list of members on the Accreditation Steering Committee.

Agenda & Minutes

View list of agendas and minutes from past meetings.


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