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President/CEO Message

August 17, 2020

Campus Community,

This morning, I had the opportunity to participate in the New Faculty Orientation, where the Director of Research & Planning, Lauren Sosenko, and I provided an overview of Compton College 2024. We will be hiring seven more faculty members in the 2020-2021 year, in addition to the three new faculty members I welcomed to our College community today. The President/CEO Message -August 17, 2020, includes COVID-19 information and other campus-related updates.

Compton College COVID-19 Update
On August 15, 2020, there were 7,873 newly recorded confirmed cases. Numbers do not represent true day-over-day change as these results include cases from before yesterday. The state now has a total of 621,562 positive cases. There has been a total of 11,224 deaths in the state. For more information, go to www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immunization/ncov2019. Compton College continues to operate at Level Four - Severe Infection Rate, according to the Compton CCD Pandemic Outbreak - Emergency Operations Plan.

Health, Safety, and Parking Committee Meeting
On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, at 1:30 p.m., the Health, Safety, and Parking Committee will be meeting, and on the agenda will be another discussion of the draft "Eventual Return to Campus"  Plan, and more importantly the draft "Fall 2020 Career and Technical Education Return to Campus Plan." The Health, Safety, and Parking Committee Zoom Meeting information is available here.

Fall 2020 Student Resources Available
Current students received an email today, August 17, 2020, via their @compton.edu accounts regarding available Fall 2020 Student Resources, including laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, free meals, and financial resources. All emails to students are available online on the Student Information and Communications webpage.

Enrollment Update
As of today, August 17, 2020, Compton College has generated 1,227 Full-Time Equivalent Students for fall 2020. Our fill rate is at 42%, and our seats filled is 7,945. Click here for the current fall 2020 Enrollment Snapshot. Please encourage students and prospective students to enroll in the fall 2020 classes.

Fall 2020 Outreach and Enrollment Update
Below are some of the activities Compton College has implemented to increase enrollment for the 2020-2021 year:

  • Marquee at Artesia entrance to campus
  • New 'Apply & Register' banner at east Greenleaf entrance
  • Homepage and MyCompton Portal messages
  • College social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Flicker)
  • New Releases: http://www.compton.edu/campusinformation/currentnews/ComptonCollegeNewsReleases.aspx
  • Media Coverage: http://www.compton.edu/adminandoperations/communityrelations/in-the-news.aspx
  • Student Success Library: http://www.compton.edu/studentsuccess/
  • Emails to all currently enrolled students
  • Guided Pathway Division flyer templates for each term/semester (for faculty use)
  • Paid social media ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Billboard ads along the 91 and 405 freeways
  • Online ads in the Press-Telegram and Compton Herald
  • Press-Telegram "Reader's Choice" print ad, advertorial and banner ads
  • KJLH on-air and online ads, plus an eBlast
  • iHeart streaming and online ads
  • This year, both the summer 2020 and fall 2020 class schedules were mailed to all in-District residents (129,000+ residents)

Oliver W. Conner College Promise Program-related Recruitment:

  • Updated webpage including new video: http://www.compton.edu/student/comptonpromise/
  • Free social media posts (tagged Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount unified school district) and high school districts provided with information to post on their own accounts.
  • Participation in all 2019-2020 CCCD Board of Trustees' Community Meetings (information table at each event)
  • Print ad in Paramount 'School News' (quarterly)
  • Information provided to the three districts for inclusion in their own emails/newsletters, including an ePostcard.
  • Postcard mailed to all PUSD 12th graders (January 2020)
  • Postcards mailed to all 11th and 12th grade Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount unified school district students (March 2020)
  • Online banner ads for Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount unified school districts
  • Virtual workshops to assist with the completion of the Steps to Enrollment
  • Phone banking to follow-up with incomplete College Promise applicants

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been monitoring enrollment daily and are providing daily updates to the campus community. Please note, nationally, and in the California Community Colleges, many community colleges are experiencing a decline in enrollment due to COVID-19. 

Virtual New Student Welcome Day
Just a friendly reminder, the virtual New Student Welcome Day is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to noon via Zoom Meeting. The annual event will provide an opportunity for new students to connect with the Compton College community, and:

  • Meet the Associated Student Body President, Queen Juarez-Ward, and myself.
  • Learn about the campus from faculty, counselors, Classified staff, and students
  • Connect with the Tartar Success Team that will help them succeed in their educational journey
  • Participate in workshops about transferring, selecting majors and careers, tools for success, and Career and Technical Education

New Student Welcome Day is open to all students; no reservation required. Click here to join the Zoom meeting on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.

Fall 2020 Professional Development Days
As mentioned in the President/CEO Message - August 3, 2020, the President/CEO Message - August 6, 2020, and the President/CEO Message - August 10, 2020, we will begin the fall 2020 semester with two Professional Development Days on Thursday, August 20, 2020 (mandatory), and Friday, August 21, 2020, (optional) via Zoom Meeting. The agendas for the events are available below.

Compton Community College District Board of Trustees Meeting
The next meeting of the Compton CCD Board of Trustees is scheduled for tomorrow, August 18, 2020. The closed session begins at 4:00 p.m., with open session commencing at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom Meeting. Information on how to access the Compton CCD Board of Trustees meeting is available here.

Final Thoughts
I am looking forward to participating in the many activities scheduled for this week and reconnecting with faculty, staff, and students. I look forward to seeing everyone (virtually) on Thursday, August 20, 2020, for the fall 2020 Professional Development Day 1.

In closing, the updated Compton College COVID-19 Basic Need Supports and Student Profile Report is available here. In the 2020-2021-year, Compton College will continue to provide these services outlined in the report and will be implementing some new initiatives in support of students' basic needs. I am excited that this year, we will have one online application for student resources, including laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, free meals, and financial resources. Last spring, we had multiple applications for student resources; however, this year, we have one application for students. In the Thursday, August 20, 2020 - President/CEO Message, we will provide an update on the Compton CCD contract with the Coalition for Responsible Community Development to provide up to $250,000 in housing grants to Compton College students during the 2020-2021 year.  


Keith Curry, Ed.D.
(preferred pronouns: he/him/his)
Compton College

Keith Curry on Social Media: Twitter Instagram Snap Chat


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