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Message from the PRESIDENT/CEO

April 3, 2020

Campus Community,

I want to provide you with an update on Compton College in terms of COVID-19. As of Thursday, April 2, 2020, there are a total of 10,701 positive cases and 237 deaths in California. For more information, go to www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immunization/ncov2019.

Compton College is currently operating at Level Four - Severe Infection Rate, according to Compton CCD Pandemic Outbreak - Emergency Operations Plan. The Compton College Pandemic Coordinators and members of the President/CEO Cabinet met today, and below is some the following updates:

  1. Compton College will extend alternative academic instruction and online student support services, and telecommuting through Friday, June 12, 2020. Employees will return to campus on Monday, June 15, 2020. The Pandemic Coordinators and members of the President/CEO Cabinet will monitor federal and state guidelines as it relates to the possible extension of the telecommuting timeline past June 12, 2020. Essential functions necessary for the continuation of District business, that can only be performed on campus, will remain on campus through Friday, June 12, 2020.

  2. Compton College will offer courses for the first six-week summer session, June 22 through July 30, 2020, and the eight-week summer session, June 22 through August 13, 2020, exclusively online via the Canvas course delivery software. Compton College will offer courses for the second six-week summer session, scheduled for July 6 through August 13, 2020, on-campus and online via the Canvas course delivery software. More information on the 2020 Compton College summer schedule will be provided in future Compton College COVID-19 Updates.

  3. We will move forward with implementing the 2020 Compton College Virtual Commencement Ceremony, which will be a pre-recorded commencement ceremony, including keynote speeches and 10-15 second videos from each graduate. The virtual commencement ceremony would then be published online at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, June 12, 2020. We would still publish a commencement ceremony program that would be mailed to all graduates before the June 12, 2020, virtual commencement ceremony.

  4. As of March 17, 2020, due to our state of emergency, the wages for provisional employees and student workers will be paid for their scheduled hours through April 10, 2020. Effective immediately, I have extended this through Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Please note, there will not be an extension after June 30, 2020.

  5. Today, April 3, 2020, we completed our second day of the Compton College Student Laptop Loan Program This week we disbursed 266 laptops to our students; however, we had many students unable to pick-up their laptop computers. Over the next week, Informational Technology Services and the Student Services Division will explore other options for disbursement of laptop computers. We will provide an update on the Compton College Student Laptop Loan Program in future Compton College COVID-19 Updates.

    Laptop computers are still available on a first-come-first-served basis to students who submit a Student Laptop Loan Program RSVP and are currently enrolled in spring 2020 courses at Compton College. If you have any questions about the laptop computer loan program, please email your questions to studentlife@compton.edu.

  6. I wanted to provide an update on Compton College hiring of faculty, Classified staff, and administrators. We will continue with hiring faculty for the 2020-2021 year; however, we will complete the hiring process in the fall of 2020. We will have the screening committees for faculty positions begin their work this spring semester, and we will conduct the first round and final interviews in fall 2020. Selected candidates will start their employment with Compton CCD in the spring 2021 semester. We will have two exceptions, which are our Nursing and HVAC faculty positions. We need to complete the hiring for these positions this spring, and the selected candidates will begin in fall 2020.

    This spring, we will also move forward with the hiring of the Dual Enrollment Specialist and Police Officer Classified staff positions. Finally, this spring, we continue the hiring process for the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean of Nursing.

  7. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Compton CCD Board of Trustees meetings, scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, 2020; Tuesday, May 19, 2020; and Tuesday, June 16, 2020, will be moved to a Zoom format. More information on Compton CCD Board of Trustees will be provided in future Compton College COVID-19 Updates.

Compton College COVID-19 Updates
Reminder, please visit the Compton College COVID-19 webpage here for updates. The webpage also provides information for students, faculty, Classified staff, and managers who are not feeling well and who are experiencing the following symptoms - a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

If you are experiencing distress or anxiety due to the current circumstances, please contact the Employee Assistance Program at (800) 531-0200. We will continue to work through many issues and concerns as it relates to COVID-19.

Final Thoughts
The last couple of weeks have been overwhelming, and frankly, like many of you, I am mentally and physically exhausted. However, now is the time our students and our community need us the most. Yesterday, I read the Los Angeles Times article about unemployment that reported an extraordinary jump of unemployment claims to a record 6.6 million nationwide, compared to 3.3 million unemployment claims the previous week.  Due to the unemployment rate in Los Angeles County, I anticipate a significant increase in Compton College enrollment for the 2020-2021 year, as our students and community turn to us for assistance.

Please be safe and stay healthy, as many of you, I am watching COVID-19 very closely. As we proceed through these unprecedented times, please take the time to enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones.

Once again, it is truly an honor to serve as your President/CEO.



Keith Curry, Ed.D.
(preferred pronouns: he/him/his)
Compton College

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