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Technology Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To develop a Technology Plan, make recommendations on new technology infrastructure (equipment or systems) being considered for purchase by the District, to review technology needs, policies and procedures on an annual basis and to determine the best allocation of technology equipment, which is donated or granted to the District.  To coordinate the plans and proposals that develop, implement and evaluate distance learning and the related instructional technology activities.

Meeting Dates and Location:

Every third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m., in the ITS Conference Room. 

Technology Committee Membership:

 Members  Email  Representation
 Andrei Yermakov  ayermakov@compton.edu  Management Representatives
     Management Representatives
 Gary Narusawa  gnarusawa@compton.edu   Faculty Representatives
 Stephen Gonzales  sgonzales@compton.edu  Faculty Representatives
 David Maruyama  dmaruyama@compton.edu  Faculty Representatives
 David Simmons  dsimmons@compton.edu  CCCFE - Classified Unit Representatives
 Clifford Seymour  cseymour@compton.edu   CCCFE - Classified Unit Representatives
     Associated Student Body Representative
 Nicole Gordon  ngordon@compton.edu  Staff Assistance

Technology Master Plan (PDF)

Current Goals:

  • Deliver tools, services, and applications that support teaching in classrooms and through distance learning systems.
  • Provide IT services that are based on the responsible stewardship of the College's resources.
  • Improve the entire student life cycle: recruitment, enrollment, and retention to graduation.
  • Implement technologies that impact student success.
  • Stay current with evolving technologies.
  • Secure all confidential and sensitive information, protecting all systems and data storage.
  • Develop and implement IT business continuity and disaster recovery plan.
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