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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Campus Committees / / Open Educational Resources (OER) Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To review and provide recommendations about each of the District's Program Reviews in order to strengthen and support programs and program analysis. The Committee will also be responsible for reviewing the following: Compton College Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, Staffing Plan, and Technology Master Plan, to ensure these plans and all Program Reviews are consistent, aligned, and are current.

Meeting Dates and Location:

Third Monday of every month at  2:30-3:30p.m, currently via Zoom.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Membership:




Katherine Marsh kmarsh@compton.edu Faculty Co-chair
Abby Tatlilioglu atatlilioglu@compton.edu Faculty Co-chair
Lynn Chung lchung@compton.edu Library
Leonard Clark lclark@compton.edu Faculty Representative - Physical Sciences
Steven Gonzales sgonzales@compton.edu Faculty Representative - Political Science
Susan Johnson sjohnson@compton.edu Faculty Representative - English/DE
Pilar Huffman phuffman@compton.edu Administrative Representative
Stephanie Leonor del Cid   ASB Representative
Nathan Lopez nlopez11@compton.edu Faculty Representative - History
Gayathri Manikandan gmanikandan@compton.edu Faculty Representative - Math
Jose Martinez   Faculty Representative - Math
Airek Matthews amathews1@compton.edu Administrative Representative
Malinni Roeun mroeun@compton.edu Faculty Representative - Math
Clifford Seymour cseymour@compton.edu SRC Representative 
Michael Van Overbeck mvanoverbeck@compton.edu Faculty Representative - 


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