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Computer and Information Systems

A.S. Degree and Certificates of Achievement

The computer and information systems program is intended for students interested in information systems, and can lead to a degree or certificate of competence and career placement or advancement. A variety of courses will enable students to design graphical user interfaces, perform systems analysis, develop Web pages, spreadsheets, and databases, and implement and maintain LANs (Local Area Networks).

Students will demonstrate their proficiency through performance in laboratory exercises and objective examinations. Program assessment is measured by program completion and periodic program review. The program leads to career opportunities as software specialists, Web programmers, database developers, systems analysts, or network administrators.



Computer and Information Systems - Computer Support & Network Management - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Computer and Information Systems - Computer Systems Applications - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Computer and Information Systems - Computer Science - Gainful Employment DisclosureComputer and Information Systems - Computer Aided Design/Drafting - Gainful Employment Disclosure

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