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Computer Information Systems Degree

 To receive an Associate in Science degree from Compton College, a student must complete at least 60 units in degree applicable college courses which must include general education requirements and course work in an approved transfer major or associate degree program. Course work toward the degree must be completed with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher. A minimum of 12 of the required 60 degree applicable units must be successfully completed at Compton College. A notation of "Graduation with Honors" is earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students must file an intent to graduate in the evaluations area located in the Admissions Office by the deadline date published in the schedule of classes.

The program is intended for students interested in information systems and can lead to career opportunities as software specialists, web programmers, database developers, systems analysts, or network administrators. A variety of courses will enable students to learn project management, perform systems analysis and design, create business software including websites, desktop applications, mobile apps, manage business data using spreadsheets and databases, implement cybersecurity measures, handle help desk incident reports, and install and maintain small and large LANs (local area networks). Students will demonstrate their proficiency through performance in laboratory exercises and objective examinations. Program assessment is measured by program completion and periodic program review.

Program Goals and Objectives:

Upon the completion of a course of study in Computer Information Systems students will be able to

  • Professional Awareness: Explain ethical, legal and societal implications inherent in information technology and understand the professional responsibilities of a computer professional
  • Business Communication: Demonstrate proficiency in common industry software applications, cyber applications and Network security to effectively analyze business problems and communicate decisions
  • Skill Development: Demonstrate the ability to use computer information concepts and critical thinking skills to analyze business problems, and design, develop and implement appropriate software solutions, using a variety of software tools and computer

Program Requirements for A.S. degree:

Required Core: 9 units

CIS 113         Computer Information Systems (3)

CIS 120         Internet, Social Networking, and the Web (3)

CIS 126         Systems Analysis and Design (3)

6 units from:

CIS 116         Using Microsoft Excel (3)

CIS 119         Database Management Using Microsoft Access (3)

Select one of the following groups of courses: 9-14 units

Help Desk:

BUS 127        Effective English for Business (3)

CIS 131          Help Desk Operations (3)

CIS 132         Personal Computer Support and Networking(3)

Mobile and Web Programming:

CIS 124       Introduction to Electronic Commerce (3)

CIS 170       Mashup JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX (4)

CIS 174        ASP.NET with C# Business Web Programming (4)

CIS 176       Building Mobile Apps (3)

Total Units: 24-29
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