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Automotive Collision Repair / Painting Degree

Associate in Science Degree

The automotive collision repair/painting program prepares students for employment in the field and provides upgrade opportunities for currently employed personnel. By completing the degree and/or certificate requirements, students will gain proficiency in industry repair standards, vehicle identification and construction, estimating, body repairs, frame repairs, vehicle alignment, welding, and vehicle painting. In addition, completing the certificate requirements prepares students for employment in the fields of automotive insurance investigation, vehicle accident reconstruction, automotive collision repair, or automotive painting. Competencies will be assessed regularly by student performance in the automotive collision repair/painting classroom and laboratory. At least 50 percent of the major requirements for the Associate in Science degree must be completed at Compton College.

Program Goals and Objectives:

  • Certification Tests: Upon completion of this discipline’s course of study, the student will be able pass at least one ASE certification test or practice test in Auto Collision Repair (B2, B3, B4, B5 or B6).
  • Welds: Upon completion of this discipline’s course of study, the student will be able pass the official I-CAR MIG welding qualification test or Compton imitation. Welds include butt weld, lap weld and plug weld in flat and vertical
  • Damage Repair Estimate: Upon completion of this discipline’s course of study, the student will be able to examine a damaged vehicle and create an informal written estimate of the parts, tools, materials and time needed to repair the

Program Requirements for A.S. Degree:

Complete a minimum of 20 units from:

ACRP 101     Introduction to Automotive Collision Repair (8)

ACRP 102     Collision Repair Equipment and Welding Techniques (8)

ACRP 103     Major Collision Analysis and Repair (8)

ACRP 104     Mechanical and Electrical Systems for Collision Repair Technicians (8)

ACRP 120     Automotive Collision Investigation (3)

ACRP 122     Automotive Repair Fraud (3)

ACRP 124     Automotive Collision Analysis (3)

ACRP 126     Automotive Accident Reconstruction (3)

ACRP 130    Basic Automotive Painting – Refinishing (8)

ACRP 132     Automotive Refinishing Materials and Equipment (8)

ACRP 134     Automotive Refinishing Applications (8)

ACRP 136     Introduction to Automotive Collision Estimating (8)

ACRP 138    Computerized Collision Damage Estimating (8)

ACRP 140   Beginning Automotive Collision Repair I (4)

ACRP 142    Beginning Automotive Collision Repair II (4)

ACRP 150    Beginning Automotive Painting I (4) ACRP 152   Beginning Automotive Painting II (4)

Total Units: 20

Recommended Electives:

ATEC 116     Suspension and Four Wheel Alignment (4)

ATEC 125     Automotive Electrical Systems (4)

ATEC 181     Automotive Air Conditioning (3)

MTT 160     General Metals (3)

WELD 105 Basic Welding for Allied Fields (3)

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