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Major Requirements

The air conditioning and refrigeration program prepares students for employment in the field and provides upgrade opportunities for currently employed personnel. By completing the degree and/or certificate requirements, the student

will gain proficiency in service, troubleshooting, installation, and energy efficient operation of residential, commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and control systems. Students will learn to read wiring diagram, diagnose control circuits, operate test equipment, and service pneumatic, electric and electronic controls. Competencies will be assessed in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency certificate criteria. Students completing the program may expect to enter industry as an advanced apprentice or entry-level heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and controls technician.  At least 50 percent of the major requirements for the Associate in Science degree must be completed at Compton College.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Students successfully completing air conditioning and refrigeration program, whether in the certificate program or degree program, will acquire and be able to use specific safety knowledge and skills relating to the air conditioning and refrigeration discipline and will be able to apply those skills to specific job requirements.
  • Upon completion of a course of stud in air conditioning and refrigeration,a student will be able to install, service, and repair ACR systems as required by the industry guidelines.
  • Upon completion of a course of study, students in air conditioning and refrigeration will be able to properly pressure test, evacuate, and charge ACR
  • Students completing a course of study in air conditioning and refrigeration will successfully earn a certificate/graduate transfer to 4-year universities and will successfully compete for jobs in which they can apply their knowledge and communicative skills acquired in the air conditioning and refrigeration

Program Requirements for A.S. Degree:

ACR 121         Air Conditioning Fundamentals (4)
ACR 123        Commercial Refrigeration Applications (4)
ACR 125        Energy Efficient Residential, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning (4)
ACR 127        Heating Technologies (4)
ACR 130       Electric Controls (2)
ACR 131        HVAC Electronics (2)
ACR 134        HVAC Customer Service and Industry Certifications (1)
ACR 136        Electrical Applications (4)
ACR 160       Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Control Systems (4)
ACR 161        Fundamentals of Automation Systems (3)
ACR 162       Energy Control and Optimization Systems (4)

Total Units: 36 

Recommended Electives:

BUS 115        Business Mathematics (3)
CIS 113         Computer Information Systems (3)

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