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El Camino College has TAGs with the following universities and colleges:


 University of California (UC)

San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz

[Click individual campus link for specific TAG information]


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Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Albany State
Bennett College
Clark Atlanta University
Fisk University
Hampton University
Howard University
Morehouse College
Spelman College
Johnson C. Smith University

[Click here for HBCU TAG/TAP Admissions Criteria]

General UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) Criteria:

  • You must meet the definition of a California community college student. 
         o You have been enrolled at one or more CCCs for at least 2 regular terms (excludes summer sessions).
         o You have completed at least 30 semester (45 quarter) UC-transferable units at a CCC.
         o You are attending a CCC as your last college before transfer (excludes summer sessions).
  • Complete at least 60 UC-transferable semester units by the end of spring prior to fall admission.
  • Complete the following course pattern requirements, earning a grade of C or better in each course by the end of
    spring prior to fall admission:
         o Two UC transferable college courses (3 semester or 4–5 quarter units each) in English composition;
         o One UC transferable college course (3 semester or 4–5 quarter units) in mathematical concepts
             and quantitative reasoning;
         o Four UC transferable college courses selected from among at least two of the following three areas:
                  - Arts and Humanities (designated UC-H on the UC-Transferable Course Agreement)
                  - Behavioral and Social Sciences (UC-B on the UC-Transferable Course Agreement)
                  - Biological and Physical Sciences (UC-S on the UC-Transferable Course Agreement)
  • All campuses require 30 UC transferable units completed by the end of the summer of the year you will submit a
    TAG application form and the UC Admissions Application.
  • You can have a TAG with only one UC campus.
  • TAG applications must be submitted by September 30th. The UC Admissions Application must be submitted by November 30th.

Criteria that will be specific to each UC campus:

  • The GPA requirement will vary by UC campus and by major or college.
  • The completion timeline of the English and Math requirements will vary by UC campus.
  • The supplemental criteria for selective majors will vary by UC campus.

Go to http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/transfer/guarantee/index.html
for the TAG Matrix, the online TAG form, and links to the individual UC campus TAG information and criteria.

General HBCU TAP/TAG Admissions Criteria:

  • Each campus has a different minimum unit requirement ranging from 12 units completed to 30 units completed.
  • The minimum GPA requirements vary by campus and range from 2.0-3.0.
  • Please check with a counselor for the specific campus requirements.
  • Other benefits may include priority consideration for housing; waiver of the application fee; and priority consideration
    for scholarships.

Click here for the HBCU TAG/TAP Admissions Criteria

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