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Job Placement Center

The Job Placement Center provides no-cost assistance to vocational/ technical students and graduates in obtaining employment. Jobs posted include positions in child development, business, industry, technology, allied health, secretarial, liberal arts, and automotive areas. Information is available on full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent and seasonal off-campus employment.
Employers visit the campus to recruit for full- and part-time employment. Applications are distributed and interviews are conducted on campus. A library containing current information on vocational, technical and academic careers and job opportunities is available for student use. The "Occupational Outlook Handbook" and "The Handbook of Occupational Titles," as well as many other journals, books and software are just some examples of the valuable sources of data available.

The Job Placement Center abides by Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.

Career Center

The Career Center is responsive to the needs of students and the community by offering educational and career objectives suited to their interests and abilities.

Career Center staff work to help students achieve personal and academic goals, and provide information relative to a wide range of services and educational opportunities that may be pertinent to their educational objectives.
Services include academic counseling, career/vocational counseling, career exploration/assessment, and program planning. The Career Center houses a comprehensive career library and offers seminars and workshops on a variety of topics pertaining to personal, professional and student life.

Mission Statement

The Job Placement Center is committed to provide a comprehensive approach in preparing students for short- and long-term employment and career goals. Internship resources and referrals are available to enhance student vocation and academic objectives. The Career Center is equipped with career guides and online Internet access. The Job Placement Office, in collaboration with CalWORKs, ensures a successful transition for students seeking career opportunities and upward mobility. Building for tomorrow requires accomplishments today.

Available Internships

Job Placement Center
Dills Vocational Technology Building.
Phone (310) 900-1600, Ext. 2788

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