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Counseling Division


Summer 2017 (June 12- August 10, 2017)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00am - 6:30pm 8:00am - 6:30pm 8:00am - 6:30pm 8:00am - 6:30pm Closed

 **Drop-In Appointments are available**
**Must Arrive an Hour Before Closing**
**Appointments Subject to Change Based on Demand**




ECC Compton Center students may schedule general counseling appointments online at MyECC. Appointments can be scheduled online beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Fridays until all appointments are booked for the following week. Once all appointments are booked for the following week, the appointments will then reopen again at 5:00 p.m. the next Friday.

In addition, appointments may still be made in-person at the Counseling Office in the Administration Building or by telephone at 310-900-1600, Ext. 2076.

Counseling services are made available to students through scheduled appointments. Appointments to meet with a counselor must be made one week in advance through the Counseling Department, located in the Administration Building. A student who has selected a major field of study is strongly encouraged to see one of the counselors assigned to that field; an undeclared or undecided student may see any counselor.

Counseling is provided for all students. Counselors review assessment data and other information about student abilities, interests and needs; help students plan for their education; help students select classes; follow a student's academic progress; answer questions about students' needs; assist students in career planning; help students plan for graduation; and make appropriate referrals. Counseling services are available in the Administration Building by appointment or to ask a quick question a student may have a walk-in appointment - except during registration.

As an integral part of the matriculation program, counseling services are particularly intended to assist students in clarifying career and life goals and in developing an appropriate course of study based on a student's goals, aptitudes and interests.

Drop-in Advisement

Drop-in advisement is offered for students who have questions which do not require transcript review. The drop-in advisement schedule is subject to change based on counselor availability. Please call in advance for the daily schedule. Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The objective of NSO is to meet the requirements of SB1456 as well as support students as they matriculate into college. Matriculation services are intended to help new students make informed decisions as they develop their educational goals. Data suggests that students who participate in the NSO usually achieve higher levels of success.

The goal of New Student Orientation (NSO) is to provide new students with the support they need to successfully transition into
college.  NSO is mandatory for all new students.

NSO Flier with times and contact information.


  1. New students must first apply to the college online at www.compton.edu. Help is available in the Welcome Center located in D-27. The student will receive a student I.D. number no later than 72 hours.
  2. New Students must have an El Camino College student I.D. number in order to sign up for NSO.
  3. New Students will receive a flyer regarding steps to enrollment. High school students will follow the High School Registration Process.
  4. Students will sign up through SARS for the Mandatory NSO in the Counseling Department located in the Administration Building; The Assessment Center located in D-26 or they can sign up by calling (310) 900-1600 ext. 2076 or 2830.
  5. Students will receive NSO dates and times via the website, the counseling counter located in the Administration Building or the Welcome Center D-27.
  6. NSO workshops will be limited to 29-40 students per session depending on the location or according to the maximum capacity. The Welcome Center capacity is 29, Staff Lounge is approximately 115-120 and the Student Lounge is 225.
  7. All new students must attend NSO. Those exempt from the orientation are:
  • Individuals with a BA Degree or above.
  • Individuals enrolling at the college for another purpose other than to earn a degree, certificate, career development or advancement, transfer, or completion of basic skills/ESL.
  • Individuals who completed the services at another college.
  • Individuals enrolling to complete an academy or certification program (police or fire, etc.).

Counseling Program Review

Contact Information

Administration Building
310-900-1600, Ext. 2076


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