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Assessment Center

D-26, next to the Outreach & Relations with Schools Office

310-900-1600 Ext. 2830

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8:00AM - 2:30PM

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Please Note:

Students are required to complete the New Student Orientation before testing. Orientation can be completed Online through the MyECC portal, once completed print your Certificate and bring it to the Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center provides English, math, and ESL assessment testing for determination of placement into courses.  Obtains background data from students and provides this data to counselors to assist in academic advisement.

Assessment data is used to assist counselors in advising students for courses. In the assessment process, students:

  1. Take math and reading tests.
  2. Complete computerized assessment forms.
  3. Request career interest inventories and study skills surveys.


As part of the matriculation process, new students should take the English, math or ESL assessment test.  Multiple measures such as high school records and experience are used by counseling in academic advisement.

Testing Requirements

Students must present (1) a current drivers license/State identification card or a school ID and (2) must have an El Camino College student ID number in order to take the placement tests.  Students that submit their enrollment application online should wait to receive their student ID via email before going to the Assessment Center.

General Information

Assessment Testing for placement in English or math classes are given throughout the academic year at the Assessment Center located in room D-26.  Tests are administered over the computer.

The English placement test consists of two sections: reading comprehension and sentence skills (writing).  The mathematics placement test consists of three sections: arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college-level math.  The ability to benefit test consists of three sections: reading comprehension, sentence skills (writing) and arithmetic. 

The Ability To Benefit test (ATB) is administered by appointment only.  Federal restrictions limit the number and times students may take to retest. 

Basic Rules

  • No talking allowed.
  • Cell phones, pagers, beepers, cameras, text-messengers, audio players, or other electronic devices are prohibited in the testing area. Cell phones are to be turned off or put on vibrate during testing.  Calls may not be taken inside the Testing Lab or Testing Room.
  • Person accompanying the student must wait outside. Children, friends, family members, babies or children (of any age), and pets are not allowed inside the testing area.
  • All personal items should be placed on the floor during testing. Unauthorized aids such as dictionaries, calculators, translators, or notes of any kind are prohibited in the testing area.
  • Allow adequate time to complete tests.  Each test takes approximately one hour.
  • Ask for assistance if there is any problem with the computer.
  • Notify staff if you need to leave the testing area for any reason.
  • Do not turn off computers, open or close any program windows, or print the results.
  • All testing materials provided must be returned before leaving the testing area, including scratch paper.
  • All instructions given or requests made by a member of the Assessment Center staff must be followed.


All cheating is prohibited.  If cheating is attempted, ensuing consequences may follow that can negatively affect the future of the student's career at El Camino College and beyond.

Preparing for the Assessment Tests

Guide to Assessment

For more information on taking the Assessment test, please review the Guide to Assessment. Students are strongly encouraged to refresh their test taking skills before taking the placement tests.  The Assessment or Placement Test is a test that you take that helps the college figure out the best place for you to start in both Math and English.  If you place higher, you will have fewer English or Math classes to take to achieve your educational goals. 


The Graduation Initiative Project wants to raise awareness of the importance of preparing for college assessment.  In collaboration with the Mathematical Sciences Division and the Assessment & Testing Center, the Graduation Initiative Project is very excited to offer a new online tool designed to assist students in preparing for their math placement test.

El Camino College students will now have an additional resource called, which offers practice tests and creates an individualized study plan specifically for the El Camino College math placement test.

For information on how to register and access this program click on MyMathTest for your access code.   

Students who review and practice prior to taking the Math Placement Test often place ONE, TWO, or even THREE levels higher.


Sample Test

The sample test provides a brief review of the kinds of questions students will be asked to answer in the math and English tests.  The sample test also contains the answer sheet as well as detailed solutions for the math sections. 

External Sources of Information

Retaking Assessment Tests

Students must obtain permission before repeating a test.  Students may only take placement tests twice.  Tests may not be retaken on the same day. ATB tests have additional federal restrictions on retesting.  Please go to the Assessment Center for more information. 


Each assessment test takes approximately one hour to complete.  Therefore students planning to take an assessment test are strongly encouraged to purchase a semester parking sticker or a daily parking permit ($3) before going to the assessment center.  Daily parking permits may be purchased from the parking kiosks located in all Student parking lots. Semester permits may be purchased in person at the Bursars Office (C-36), 310-900-1600, Ext. 2104 or online through MyECC

Campus Map

Assessment Center Program Review

Service Area Outcomes (SAO's)

Service Area Outcome # 1

Students will be more satisfied with their placement results and score higher by preparing for the assessment tests. 

Service Area Outcome # 2

Students that take Math 12 and pass with an 'A' will retest into a higher level math.


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