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Compton College / Student Services / Compton Center Student Services Student Learning Outcomes



The Student Services Area has begun the process of transforming their student-centered goals into student learning outcomes and assessment plans.  We will continue to update this page as we make progress.  This area has done a great job in publicizing the student learning outcomes.  When you visit the offices and hallways surrounding student services, look for the posters presenting their first draft student learning outcomes.

Admissions and Records

Students will be able to utilize web technology and enhance their computer skills by applying, registering and accessing their records online.


Assessment and Testing

By encouraging students to pre-review, prior to taking their placement exams, they will be more satisfied with their placement results.  We will know this because we will survey each student following the test.  There will be a process in place beforehand, which encourages students to pre-review. Accompanying survey results will be compared to previous ones to assess success of SLO.



Student-athletes following their Educational Plan will maintain eligibility standards for their sophomore at a greater percentage then the student-athlete that changes their Educational Plan.



By participating in the Education-to-work activities, created by CalWORKs, students will be able to connect their educational training to a direct job skill.



At the end of their individual counseling session, students will have learned more about the steps, resources, and/or options they need to meet, advance, or complete their goals



Through the EOPS/CARE Counseling process, EOPS/CARE students will be able to articulate their academic goal with confidence


Financial Aid

Students using the Financial Aid e-Services Lab will accurately and successfully demonstrate the ability to use online financial aid services to successfully navigate through the financial aid application process.


Matriculation and Orientation

As a result of completing the in-person or online orientation, students will learn basic information regarding El Camino College Compton Center registration procedures and educational options offered through El Camino College.


Outreach and School Relations

Prospective students that visit the Outreach & Relations with Schools will be provided with excellent service and information necessary to register in classes


Special Resource Center (DSP&S)

By participating in the Special Resource Center students will develop skills to effectively advocate for educational services to meet their specific needs as evidenced by timeliness and articulation of testing accommodation requests and return of testing accommodation forms.


Student Enhancement Program

As a result of completing the Student Enhancement Program (SEP) workshops, students will learn basic information on probation and dismissal policies.


Student Life

By participating in Student Government, students will be able to facilitate a group meeting using parliamentary procedure.


Student Support Services

By participating in the Student Support Services Program, students will be able to develop and understand the importance of an educational plan.


Transfer Center

Utilizing Transfer Center services such as university tours; transfer workshops; transfer information presentations; meeting with a university representative, transfer counselor, or transfer advisor; students will: identify potential transfer institutions, understand transfer admissions eligibility requirements, and, increase their intent to transfer.


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