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My Math Test Placement Test Practice and Review

Students who do some review and practice prior to taking the placement test often place one or two or even three levels higher, allowing them to skip one or more semesters of math. El Camino College Compton Center students have access to an online program, My Math Test, which has practice tests and creates an individualized study program specifically for the ECC Compton Center Math Placement Test.


2014 My Math Test Flyer

(click the image above to download the flyer)



To register for My Math Test, go to and click Register  under "New User". Please, read all the information and follow the instructions. You will need the following:


Access Code:


El Camino College's zip code:          



Log In:

After you complete the registration you will log in. The first time you log in you need to enter a Program ID. Use the program ID from the list below corresponding to the first three letters of your last name:


Program ID's by your last name:

Last names with AAA - CAR: XL17-91KD-701Y-0EV2
Last names with CAS - FES: XL17-91KE-701Y-1EV2
Last names with FET - HER: XL17-91KG-701Y-3EV2
Last names with HES - LOO: XL17-91KH-701Y-4EV2
Last names with LOP - MEI: XL17-91KM-701Y-9EV2
Last names with MEJ - POV: XL17-91KP-801Y-2EV2
Last names with POW - SOM: XL17-91KQ-801Y-3EV2
Last names with SON - ZZZ: XL17-91KR-801Y-4EV2


For more information please, contact one of the Faculty Coordinators in the Mathematical Sciences Division Office, MBA 130.


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