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Mathematics Learning Teams Cohorts (LTC)

Mathematics Learning Team Cohorts are formed every semester by Math instructors. The instructors are divided into teams; each team has faculty participants and one faculty facilitator (the lead of the team) and the teams are lead by one faculty coordinator. The faculty coordinator is responsible for recruiting team members and facilitators, assisting with managing all the teams, resolving issues that may arise and schedule meetings with faculty to collect data. Most instructors are assigned Supplemental Instructors coaches (tutors) for their sections to help them accomplish their goals. The Learning teams cohorts are formed to develop and evaluate course activities, improve teaching methods and address student's needs.

The LTC were divided among the following four themes:

  • Personal Responsibility - Shifting from victim language to language and beliefs that empower students to make wise choices.
  • Self Management - Taking actions to make steady progress.
  • Academic Strategies - Habits and practices that lead to student success in the math classroom
  • Self Motivation - How can I focus on how math moves me toward my personal goals?


Contact Information

Dr. Jose Villalobos, Ph.D.
Phone 310-900-1600 Ext. 2424
Email jvillalobos@elcamino.edu
MS, 224


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