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FYE Faculty

El Camino College Compton Center

2015-2016 First Year Experience Faculty


 Dustin Black

Name: Dustin Black
Teaches: History

Judith Crozier
Name: Judith Crozier
Teaches: English
Thomas DeHardt
Name: Thomas DeHardt
Teaches: Counseling

Roza Ekimyan

Name: Roza Ekimyan
Teaches: Human Development

Amber Gillis

Name: Amber Gillis
Teaches: English

Christopher Halligan

Name: Christopher Halligan
Teaches: English

j. hill

Name: Jennifer Hill
Teaches: English

Lyman Insley

 Name: Lyman Insley
Teaches: Human Development

Albert Jimenez

Name: Albert Jimenez
Teaches: Human Development

Dalia Juarez

Name: Dalia Juarez
Teaches: English
Vanessa Madrid
Name: Vanessa Madrid
Teaches: Art
Jose Martinez
Name: Jose Martinez
Teaches: Mathematics

Carlos Maruri

Name: Carlos Maruri
Teaches: Human Development

David Maruyama

Name: David Maruyama
Teaches: English
Jesse Mills
Name: Jesse Mills
Teaches: Political Science
Yarlmoli Murugiah
Name: Yarlmoli Murugiah
Teaches: Mathematics 
Peggy Replogle
Name: Peggy Replogle
Teaches: English

Liza Rios

Name: Liza Rios
Teaches: Communications
Jennifer Triplet
Name: Jennifer Triplett
Teaches: English

Toni Wasserberger

Name: Toni Wasserberger
Teaches: English

Nikki Williams

Name: Nikki Williams
Teaches: English/Sociology
(Image Coming Soon)
Name: Valerie Woodward
Teaches: English







Black Dustin
Crozier Judith 4291
DeHardt Thomas 2435 F-11
Ekimyan Roza 2557 G-39
Gillis Amber 2322 F-41
Halligan Christopher 2234 D-31G
Hill Jennifer 4278
Insley Lyman 2956 W Office A
Jimenez Albert 2531
Juarez Dalia 2231 F-41
Madrid Vanessa 2556
Martinez Jose 2433 MS 213
Maruri Carlos
Maruyama David 2237 D-31
Mills Jesse 2213 F-23
Murugiah Yarlmoli
Replogle Peggy
Rios Liza 2211 M 1
Triplett Jennifer
Wasserberger Toni 2233 M 1
Williams Nikki 2562 G-39
Woodward Valerie 2239 F-41


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