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Compton College / Student Services / First Year Experience Program

The First Year Experience Program is a learning community developed through linked classes and a team of instructors and counselors who work together to increase student success. Students receive a high level of attention from their instructors and counselors as they collaborate to promote strategies for college success.

By being part of the First Year Experience program students will gain knowledge of how to study and learn in groups; have access to vital campus and college resources; be able to explore a chosen major and create a career plan; interact in a multicultural environment; develop important study skills; and learn how to access and manage electronic information, such as e-mail and Internet.

Become a First Year Experience Student and take advantage of all these services.

  • Early Group Registration
  • Orientation
  • Bilingual Counselor
  • Learning Community Courses
  • Strategies for Success in College
  • First Year Experience Faculty
  • Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers

Apply to the First Year Experience Program NOW!!!

  1. Complete El Camino College Compton Center application.
  2. Submit FYE program application.
  3. Complete English and Math placement exams at the El Camino College Compton Center Assessment and Center located in G-32.
  4. Schedule appointment to attend an FYE/LC Information session by calling Maria Estrada at (310) 900-1600 x2761

For more information contact Maria Estrada at (310) 900-1600 x2761
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