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EOPS/CARE Services


EOPS Services:

  • Priority registration
  • Orientation
  • Academic counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Personal counseling
  • Book voucher 
  • Transfer assistance
  • Early academic intervention
  • Student enhancement workshops
  • Academic achievement grant
  • University application fee waivers
  • Transportation assistance
  • Educational supplies
  • Graduation cap and gown
  • Spring banquet 
  • On and off campus referrals
  • And other above and beyond services


  • All EOPS services
  • Student enhancement workshops
  • Educational supplies
  • Child care referrals
  • Additional book voucher
  • CARE grants
  • Transportation assistance
  • Networking activities



 EOPS Services


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EOPS/CARE Student Outcomes

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Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) are explicit statements describing knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or attitudes that a student will be able to demonstrate at the end (or as a result) of his or her engagement in a particular lesson, course, program, or collegiate experience.  Assessment plans are in place to evaluate our success in helping student achieve these outcomes.

1. Continuing EOPS/CARE students on EOPS/CARE Program Probation will be able to understand and articulate reasons for probation status and then learn at least one strategy to assist them in being removed from probation. 

The counselors will have the student will review and sign a contract during the EOPS/CARE Program Probation Workshop

2. Students will be able to understand what is expected of them in the EOPS/CARE Program after signing the Mutual Responsibility Contract in an EOPS/CARE orientation. 

EOPS/CARE students will be able to articulate the Mutual Responsibility Contract after an EOPS/CARE student orientation. 

3. Continuing CARE students will complete a student survey during the CARE Forum to identify student needs in the CARE program.

CARE surveys will be collected and assessed after every CARE Forum. 




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