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High School Students

El Camino College Board Policy 5060 allows concurrent enrollment only to students who have successfully completed the 10th grade and are currently enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade. 

Click here for High School Students Steps to Enrollment

11th - 12th Grade Students

  1. Apply for admissions online and submit concurrent enrollment form in person for each semester.
  2. Complete mandatory New Student Orientation in person or online via MyECC. Please click here for information sheet.
  3. Clear any prerequisites for the classes prior to registering for classes by taking the math or English placement exam and/or by meeting with a counselor.
  4. Register for classes on designated day and time online.

Students Who Have Not Completed 10th Grade

Students that have not completed the 10th grade prior to the start of the term must gain the permission of the appropriate academic Division Dean that oversees the department in which the student wishes to take a class. The student must take to the Dean: letters of support from both a parent and the high school principal (not a high school counselor); a copy of the high school transcript; cleared all required prerequisites, if any; and for classes for which recommended preparation is English 1A (college level English), the students must take the assessment test and at least assess into English A and English 84. If approved to enroll, students need to submit to the admissions office the concurrent enrollment form along with the additional documentation provided to the Division Dean. Please click here for information sheet.

Students Who Wish to Enroll in a Third Class

To be considered for enrollment, the process is the same as for 11th and 12th grade students, except students wishing to enroll in a third class also need to secure the permission of the Director of Admissions and Records.  Student needs to schedule a meeting with the Director and bring to that meeting: a copy of their school transcripts (unofficial is ok), a letter from their high school principal on school letterhead specifically naming the classes the student is allowed to take, and a letter from the parent explaining how the student will benefit from enrolling at El Camino College Compton Center.  The Director of Admissions and Records may approve a student to enroll in a third class only, not to exceed 11 units during the term. 

Students Enrolling in a Class With a Math or English Prerequisite

Students wishing to enroll in a class with a math or English prerequisite will need to take either/both assessment test(s) and afterward may need to meet with a counselor.  Students will need to bring a photo ID and know their Compton Center ID number to take the assessment tests.  A high school counselor cannot clear prerequisites for a student to take classes at the Compton Center. 


Enrollment fees are waived for California residents.  However, non-residents, out-of-country and out-of-state students, will pay the appropriate tuition.  Please consult a current class schedule for tuition requirements.  Classification as out-of-country or out-of-state is determined automatically by the online application.  To change the classification, a student must submit the Residency Petition form along with the appropriate proof.  Please consult the residency page for more information. 

Concurrent Enrollment

El Camino College Compton Center will admit qualified 11-12 grade students who have the ability to benefit by enrolling concurrently in college classes while still in high school.  Students must fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Form and submit it in person in the Admissions and Records Office.  By law, the Compton Center may restrict K-12 enrollment based on any of the following: age, grade, academic preparation, seat availability or registration priority.

El Camino College will grant college credit for completed coursework.  Students should consult their school counselor and/or school district policy on enrolling in college classes to earn high school credits or dual credit.

Students- When you enroll in classes at El Camino College, you are considered a college student and are expected to act accordingly.  Please familiarize yourself with policies, procedures, the college calendar, and your rights as a student by reading the class schedule and purchasing a college catalog from the Bookstore.

Parents- When your child enrolls in classes at El Camino College you lose some rights afforded you by the K-12 system.  As per FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) any business you conduct on behalf of your college student must be with the student's written consent.  Yes you, the parent, will need a note from your child to access private educational records or to act on their behalf.  K-12 students enrolled in college are considered regular college students, whether or not they are a minor.

Course Restrictions- High school students are not allowed to enroll in PE classes for Summer and Winter sessions and may only be allowed to enroll in PE classes Fall and Spring semester with permission of the academic Dean overseeing Physical Education courses.  High school students may not enroll in Contemporary Health 1 because of adult content.

Registration Priority

Applying to Compton Center does not guarantee a seat in a class.  Registration priority is given to continuing students first, followed by new and returning students, and then K-12 students.  K-12 Students must go through the application process each semester that they are enrolled as a concurrently enrolled student.


  • Academic Affairs (Vice President): 310-900-1600 x 2131
  • Admission and Records: 310-900-1600 x 2050; 
  • Assessment Center: 310-900-1600 x 2830
  • Counseling: 310-900-1600 x 2076
  • Outreach & Relations with Schools: 310-900-1600 x 2763; 


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