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 Contemporary Health

Contemporary Health 1
Personal and Community Health Issues

This course is designed to provide a critical analysis of factors which affect personal and community health. Primary emphasis is placed upon self-empowerment and disease prevention in a culturally diverse community. General topics include communicable and noncommunicable diseases; physical fitness, weight management, and nutrition; human reproduction and sexuality; stress management and mental health; drug use and abuse; and environmental health.

Contemporary Health 3
Drugs and Alcohol in Society

This course provides students with an in-depth study of substance abuse and chemical dependency in our society. The course focuses on the analysis of root causes of substance abuse and identification of abused drugs. Short and long term effects of drug abuse, assessment of educational and treatment options, as well as the psychosocial role of the family, will be examined.


Contemporary Health 5
Contemporary Women’s Health

This course is designed to investigate the many sociological, psychological, and physiological aspects related to women’s health. Topics include the life challenges women face, such as body image, abuse, nutrition and exercise, sexual and reproductive health, consumerism, and mental health.


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