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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Room MS-204

Attendance:        F. Aasi           E. Boatwright       L. Clark          K. Coti (Recorder)         W. Keig              W. Morris             A. Osanyinpeju (Facilitator)          M. Priest          G. Walker            E. Wallano





Dr. Osanyinpeju thanked everyone and promised to do his best as Division Chair.


II.SLO Update

Geology 1, Anatomy 32, and Chemistry 21B to complete assessment reports, Fall 2013. A new schedule for SLO assessments and reports begins Spring 2014.

Profs Clark, Aasi, and Coti


Evaluees to turn in portfolio by Sept. 26, 2013 to Division Chair. Portfolio should reflect progress over the years and include improvements in instruction as a result of SLO assessments. The evaluations are to be completed by the 12th week, first week of November.

Tenure-track and adjunct faculty


IV.Course Review

Physiology, Physics, Geology, Geography, and Biology course review are to be completed before October 10, 2013.

Faculty need to start thinking about online classes. Physiology pre-requisites will be discussed by Nursing and Science faculty from CEC and ECC, October 7, 2013.

Profs Aasi, Keig, Clark, and Priest

V.Science Laboratory Concerns and Issues


Microscope and other equipment break down could be reduced if we all paid a little more attention to how our students use and store the equipment. Food and drink in the classroom should be strictly discouraged. Report errant instructor to Division Chair and cc the Dean.

Anatomy classes should have the best sets of histology slides, not physiology.







 VI.Green House


Green house is being cleaned. Maybe we could partner with the Garden Club that is starting on the campus.


VII.Committee Reports



VIII.Meeting Dates

October 8, November 12, and December 3, 2013


IX. Other Business

Adjourned at 1.58pm.



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