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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Room MS-103    1:00 – 1:50 p.m.


Attendance: F. Aasi        S. Arroyo (Counselor, absent)        E. Boatwright         L. Clark          K. Coti  S. Khodgholian            W. Morris (Dean)      A. Osanyinpeju (Chair)         M. Priest        R. Sidhu          K. Schwitkis           G. Walker            E. Wallano




I.  Welcome

   Minutes of past    


  Tenure/ Evaluation


Division Chair welcomes everyone to the new semester. He reminded all to turn in the syllabi, door cards, and etc. to the Dean’s office, enforce all rules and regulations in the classroom (especially keeping the rooms and boards clean). We will be reviewing/adopting minutes of past meetings (sent during summer break) so all should look at it before the next meeting. Drs. Priest and Walker were congratulated on attaining tenure and we wish them a successful career. Evaluation of probationary faculty will continue this Fall. The team list will be provided as soon as it is available. All those concerned should start preparing with the guidelines provided. Dean Morris announced that tenured faculty evaluation will be conducted in Spring 2014.


II. STEM Program…..

Davis, Kimberly (ECC)

Ms. Kimberly Davis mentioned the benefits of the STEM program to our students and requested faculty to recruit eligible and experienced students to apply as STEM ambassadors. Students will participate in programs and activities like Science fairs, Open Houses, and Planterium Shows. Fliers and application forms were provided. Deadline is September 19, 2014.


III. SLO… Dr. Priest

     Lead Faculty list

Dr. Priest reminded Spring 2014 lead faculty members that submitted SLO reports in May 2014 to please go back and update them, responding to SLO Coordinator’s comments on each report. She requested to be notified when done because TracDat does not indicate changes/updates. The deadline is September 19, 2014. The lead faculty members for SLO/PLO assessment in all areas were confirmed. Chemistry and Physics/Astro will be conducting course SLO assessment this Fall while PLO reports are due from all Science areas this Fall.


IV. Program Review:

    Chemistry, Physics


Course Review:  


    Chem 7A and 7B

Program Plan ’15/’16

Anatomy Lab     


Chemistry and Astro/ Physics program reviews due this fall. Dr. Coti mentioned she submitted Chemistry program  write up to IE Committee last week. Dr. Schwitkis will meet with Dean Morris to get Physics/Astronomy reports started.

Course reviews in Micro and Chem 7A/B is this fall.  To do a good job, faculty members teaching the courses are advised to work with our Torrance colleagues. Program Plan leaders were reminded that 2015-2016 should be in place by the end of November 2014.

Our Anatomy instructors will be meeting to update the lab schedule and design, ASAP. Dr. Aasi will be leading the discussion. He suggested the same for other courses. It was agreed to work on those once the Anatomy update is completed.



V. Email and Correspondence


Dean’s Office

 The chair informed that correspondence would be strictly through elcamino.edu address. No more correspondence through private email addresses. Members should always check the myECC inbox as this is the only one recognized for professional/official business.

Dean Morris gave the Dean’s office hours (10 am-1pm and 2.30-5pm) and implored all to try to visit the office when it is open for business.



VI. Required:

   Part timers….all   

         Science areas   


    Full timers ..Chem,    

         Life Science   

We are still in need of part-timers in all disciplines.

Chemistry may be able to cope with the faculty pool but one full time Life Science faculty will be requested to be hired.  Life Science course sections are increasing and many colleges are competing for part timers.


VII. Other Business    


 No other business and the adjourned 1.50pm.

Thank you.




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