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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Room MS-103    1:00 – 1:50 p.m.

Attendance: F. Aasi        S. Arroyo (Counselor)        E. Boatwright         L. Clark          K. Coti     S. Khodgholian            W. Morris (Dean)      A. Osanyinpeju (Chair)         M. Priest        R. Sidhu          K. Schwitkis           G. Walker            E. Wallano




I. Welcome/Agenda

Meeting started at 1:05 pm. Agenda was modified to include SLO discussion at segment V.


II.  Minutes of past meetings

Minutes of the past meetings were approved and adopted. Dr. Priest proposed adoption of the minutes and Dr. Walker seconded.


III.  Evaluations






Evaluations of probationary faculty have started. The first meetings were held last week and class visits have been arranged. The rationale for starting the process before the information session with the VP scheduled for October 21, 2014 was because those first meetings serve the same purpose. Also, the Dean requires time to meet with each candidate before school is out. Those concerned were informed and provided the prep materials at our September 2, 2014 meeting.


IV.  Life Science Meeting      

    Physical Science Meeting

 The Life Science faculty will meet October 9, 2014 and the Physical Science faculty will meet October 16, 2014 to discuss Area specific issues.


V.  SLO/PLO Update……

            Dr. Priest

SLO coordinator thanked those who updated their reports from the Spring 2014 semester. She provided an update of the PLO and SLO assessments that are due this Fall and Spring 2015 semesters. She will be meeting with her colleagues at ECC Torrance in prep for the ACCJC visit. She is also providing an SLO training Thursday at 3pm.


VI.  Committee Reports

    Student Equity

Student Equity: Per previous email, suggestions were solicited from faculty about ways to improve equity and provide more access to education for everyone.  Dr. Coti (member of SE Committee) emphasized that the main focus is to attract more male African American students whose enrollment/graduation is continuously decreasing at the center. Other committee reports were:

Professional Development: Dr. Aasi mentioned $400 honorarium ($1200 per year) available for conference attendance and $500 for presentation at conference. One is expected to provide a report after attendance to be eligible.

Institutional Effectiveness: Dr. Walker explained all program reviews have been submitted from Science save Physics. He promised to help with a template to get Physics/Astronomy reviews started.  However, the Center still has a long way to go because many reports from the other disciplines are not available and may jeopardize our accreditation.

ECC Natural Science Division Curriculum Committee: Coti, Wallano, Osanyinpeju-The committee is current on the timeline. Microbiology and Anatomy 30 reviews were just concluded. Thanks to those who submitted comments.

Technology Committee: Dr. Priest reported committee is working on making internet accessible throughout campus but that it would take a while for WIFI to be available. It is definitely on the plan but will not happen quickly.

Facilities: No one is on the committee. Faculty members were concerned about the new blue phones being short circuited by the sprinklers spraying on them every time. Dr. Walker will mention this at the Safety Committee.


VII.  Summer 6/8 weeks



The Faculty was apprehensive of providing all our Summer offerings in two 6-week semesters. It was suggested to start with a couple of sections of Anat 32 and Chem 4.


VIII.  Janitors/ Maintenance

        Computer Lab

Faculty members were dissatisfied with the misuse of the lounge by the janitors. It was suggested that the couch could be moved out. Of more serious concern was the overall janitorial service. Mr. Florimon who supervises janitors and had earlier indicated his willingness to attend this meeting did not show up to offer an explanation for the inept janitorial service. The gas leak in MS 107 and other M&O issues were brought up and the Dean will be following up her previous email messages of complaints and requests to improve the situation.

Dr. Khodagholian needs a new desk but would be using the one from the computer lab (MS 203) for the time being. While the decision on what the room will be used for is being discussed, faculty could also use the lab with their students. Instructors will have to stay with the class because there is no associate for the lab.


IX.  Other Business

Dr. Wallano reminded faculty of better use of our classroom facilities.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.




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