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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Room MS-103    1:00 – 1:50 p.m.




I.  Welcome/ Agenda


Meeting started at 1:02 p.m.

Agenda was adopted.


II. Minutes of Past Meeting

Minutes of the October 2014 meeting were reviewed. Dr. Walker proposed adoption and Dr. Priest seconded. The minutes were approved and adopted.


III.  SLO/PLO….Dr. Priest


SLO Coordinator, Dr. Priest announced that during the finals week 25 hours have been scheduled to train and assist faculty to analyze and input their SLO assessment data into TracDat. Other SLO facilitators will also be joining Dr. Priest during these sessions.

Chemistry, Physics, and Nursing have PLO assessments to be concluded by the end of the semester.


IV.  Student Success

           Level Transfers

           All Day Classes

           Summer Science Academy

           Basic Sciences/Remedial


As a follow up to the issue raised at the last Division 1 meeting that students were abusing transfer level opportunities, we looked at the overarching concern- student success. After an extensively discussion, faculty agreed that students will always look for the easy way to achieve their goals. We agreed that we cannot stop level transfers but can have guidelines to streamline the process and deter student from abusing it. Some criteria were suggested: The student must provide evidence from work; earned grades must be transferred to the new class; no transfer after two midterms; and if possible, we should unify schedule and grading systems. Dr. Priest accepted to set up a Google doc where we can continue the discussion and finalize the procedure.

The pros and cons of all day classes were discussed. It is too long. Students are different. Two day classes are notdifferent.We do not have space. It works with student schedule. Students procrastinate. It works for faculty. Teach an all day like a two day class, it works. Students make the choice to do well. The Chair is to collect data on success rates of 1 day and 2 day classes.  There are also concerns about online classes but we should seriously look into online/hybrid classes.

Summer Science Academy was suggested to help students that are new to Science. It would give them a feel of what they are going into and they would be provided with ideas to help them succeed. Dr. Aasi said he had, a while ago suggested this to the Student Success Dean but nothing has been done. He will work with the Chair to see if we can pursue this. This needs a lot of planning and funding. Similarly the feasibility of teaching basic Science courses to help students succeed would require planning and funding. We hope to get some support from Student Success. We believe it would greatly help students who seem to be set up for failure when asked to take Anatomy in their first semester in college after high school or after a ten-year or more hiatus from college.  


V.  Schedule: Spring and Fall    


      Students: ‘W’ and  

                        Spring Registration

The Spring 2015 is available online. We would be working on summer and Fall 2015 schedule simultaneously. Please inform the Chair if you would like any changes to your current schedule. The deadline for W and grade forecastis November 14 while Spring 2015 registration starts November 18. Please remind your students to register early. Dr. Walker was appalled to have students asking for a letter to explain if the students were passing or not despite completing forecast grades for his classes. Counselors should do their job.


VI.  Other Business:

               Book Forms

               Blood Drive


Please return your book requisition forms, latest tomorrow morning. The blood drive organized by Nursing faculty and students is going on. Please donate blood. Work is still going on developing the Division 1 web page.  You may pass any suggestions to the tech people at Torrance.

Mr. Kowalski reminded faculty who use the Biopac computers to bring personal computers because we will be locking up the Biopac computers from next week. Meeting adjourned 2:00pm.


VII. Attendance

F. Aasi,  E. Boatwright,   L. Clark,  K. Coti,  S. Khodgholian,                   A. Osanyinpeju (Chair), Z. Mitu, M. Priest,  R. Sidhu,  K. Schwitkis,   G. Walker,   E. Wallano



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