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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Room MS-204    1:00 – 1:50 p.m.


Attendance: F. Aasi        S. Arroyo (Counselor)        E. Boatwright         L. Clark          K. Coti  S. Khodgholian            W. Morris (Dean)      A. Osanyinpeju (Chair)         M. Priest        R. Sidhu          K. Schwitkis           G. Walker            E. Wallano




I. Summer 2014

a. Schedules

b. Adjunct Instructors


Registration for Summer 2014 started and our classes are filling. Astronomy, Biology, and Geology will be running 6-week classes while the rest are on 8-week session. It is going to be a very busy summer with minimal passing periods. Course coordinators are to give schedules to techs early and faculty should follow lab schedules strictly to help the lab techs work efficiently. All classes are staffed except one section of Biology 10. Faculty members are requested to invite colleagues from other colleges to join our adjunct faculty pool.


II. SLO/PLO - Dr. Priest



Faculty to complete all assessments for both SLO and PLO, latest during the finals week. SLO coordinator will be available until the end of the semester to help with the reporting into TracDat. She will hold a ‘report party’ May 9, 2014 to assist faculty members to process and upload their data. All reports are due in TracDat May 23, 2014.


III. Lab Technicians / Supplies

a. One more soon

b. New arrivals

c. Microbiology gas line

Life Science will add one more lab Technician by Summer 2014. He will also help in Chemistry as needed. The schedule is 12:30-9:00pm (T-Th) and 8-4:30pm (F-S). Faculty will work with techs and should not hesitate to correct lab techs if necessary. All Science lab rooms will have new chairs at the start of summer. Many of the requested materials like microscopes, telescopes, flasks, and generators have recently been delivered to the labs. Please check if you are expecting any. The M&O director will assign someone to take care of the shut gas lines in MS 107 and the fume hood problem in MS 228.  


IV. End of Year:

a. Commencement

b. Reflections and Plans



Attendance at commencement is part of faculty contract. Faculty holding classes during the ceremony may be excused but should inform the Chair and Dean of arrangements for the period.  Looking back, faculty will like clarification on the makeup of Division 1, improved room/bathroom cleaning, and less Life Science-centered meetings. The lights in MS 104 and 110 should be fixed and the sliding table tops in MS 129 nailed down. Faculty members are encouraged to work together, not to ignore dysfunction, advice one another with respect, and to always plan ahead.


V. Other Business

a. Class Records





 Be reminded that neat copies of class records- grade and attendance sheets are due 10 days after the last day of the semester. Dean’s office also requests a copy of the records.




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