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                                   NURSING and SCIENCE FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MS 103 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Attendance: Aasi, F.; Arroyo, S. (Counselor), Boatwright, E., Clark L., Coti, K., Khodagholian, S., Osanyinpeju, A (Facilitator), Wallano. E., Walker, G., Schwitkis, K., Sidhu, R.




I.  Welcome

     Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting was moved and seconded for adoption by Dr. Walker and Dr. Schwitkis.


II.  PLO/SLO      Spring 2015

     Dr. Khodagholian (Facilitator)

Dr. Khodagholian reminded us that we should be assessing SLOs now if we have any slated for the semester. The list of scheduled SLO was sent out earlier on behalf of our SLO facilitator. She mentioned that some individuals have been contacted to complete the link between SLO/PLO/ILO.    

 Prompt response from the individuals.

III.  Student Success Center

                     Jimenez, Albert

Mr. Jimenez explained the desperate need for Science tutors. He requested faculty to refer students. He reported that Dr. Aasi has been going to SSC to help and asked if other faculty members could donate hours to tutor students. There are funds to order instructional materials. Faculty should make recommendations. In response to complaints about too long training and approval process, Mr. Jimenez said the Center is a certified training center and has to follow procedures. Tutors are paid based on qualifications while SI leaders earn $12/hr.

 Faculty will recommend students and may also refer graduates that they know.

IV.    Science Summer Academy


Update to the discussion on the planned Academy was presented. Ideas have been pooled to answer questions from last discussion.  Members will look at the document and will be providing additional suggestions to develop a proposal.

Working meeting scheduled 1pm 3/12/15.

V.   Adjunct Evaluation

List of new adjunct/evaluating professor were presented. Dr. Aasi did not want to participate because one of those with unsatisfactory evaluation is teaching this semester. He was reminded that the report was completed late and schedules had been made almost a year ahead. It was too late to find a replacement. 


VI.   Class Selection Policy


In conclusion of the discussion, Dr. Walker will like to keep the current policy. Dr. Aasi withdrew the previous suggestion of a round- robin pattern of class selection. He wishes to align with the existing process whereby the most senior member selects his/her full load, then the next senior, and then the next.

Science faculty adopted a policy of class selection by seniority.

VII.   Schedule

Summer schedule is in the final stages and would be available online soon. Fall schedule is about completed and any concerns should be immediately discussed with the acting Dean.


VIII. Classroom Maintenance

We need to keep the classrooms clean because janitors are still an issue. Remember to always keep chalk board clean after use. Faculty lounge is for faculty members, please do not allow students to use it.  


IX.  Other Items

Do return lab models to the exact place you got them from or leave them in the prep room for the technologist to restock. Dr. Peju is now acting Dean. He is covering the division chair’s assignment until the administration appoints or we can elect someone as the division chair for the interim period.



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