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                                  CDEV, PE, NUTR and PSYC FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

E 19 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Present: DeHardt, T. , McPatchell, D., Mendoza, L., Osanyinpeju, A. (Facilitator), Pham, H., Washington, C.




I.  Welcome

     Minutes of last meeting

The agenda was approved. The minutes of the last meeting was adopted (Coach Mendoza/Dr. DeHardt), with a couple of corrections. Psyc 19B should 9B and Psyc 8 should be deleted.


II.  PLO/SLO      Spring 2015

     Dr. Khodagholian (Facilitator)

Dr. Khodagholian was attending facilitators meeting at the Torrance campus. She asked that CDEV faculty should start sending in the SLO reports.

 Faculty to complete assessments promptly.

III.  Student Success Center

                            Jimenez, Albert

Mr. Jimenez was not here to discuss student services available on campus. Faculty members were asked to remind their students to avail themselves of both tutoring and supplemental instruction provided by the Student Success Center.


IV.    Program Review


Child Development is reviewing its program. Prof. Washington is the contact person for CDEV program review. Everyone is advised to attend the Institutional Effectiveness meeting tomorrow, 3/11/2015 at 1pm in the Board Room to train on program review.

Sections of the template were shared: C. Washington (1, 6, 9, and 10), H. Pham (2, 3, 4, and 5), and R. Most (7and 8).

V.   Adjunct Evaluation

Full time members were requested to participate in the adjunct evaluation that has to be done this semester. Prof. McPatchell (Psyc), Coach Mendoza (PE), and Dr. Pham (CDEV) indicated those they could help with.

Ag. Dean to provide evaluation packets.

VI.    CDEV Grants


The application forms for CDEV grants from Financial Aid coordinator were provided to professors to distribute to their students. Professors were encouraged to nominate students and follow up to see those students turned in the application.


VII.   CDEV Workshop

                         Dr. Pham

Dr. Pham confirmed the workshop will hold as scheduled, 3/14/15. We expect the CDEV Club and the Early Educators Club to be present.


VIII.   Other Items

               Textbook Forms     


Summer book forms were distributed and completed.

Faculty members were reminded to spread out their schedules to cover more than 2 days a week and more than one time slot.




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