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                                   HEALTH and SCIENCE  FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

MS 103 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Attendance: F. Aasi  S. Bosfield   L. Clark    S. Khodagholian   A. Osanyinpeju (Facilitator)   G. Walker    E. Wallano    R. Sidhu




I.  Welcome

The agenda was approved. Dr. Walker/Prof. Clark moved/supported the adoption of flex day minutes.

Faculty approved the minutes. 

II.  PLO/SLO    Spring 2015

     Dr. Khodagholian      


Dr. Khodagholian thanked those who completed their Fall 2014 reports and reminded those who have not that Feb. 6 is the deadline to make all submission and corrections. She explained the 4-column report and what is goes into each column. Facilitators will be available to help put reports into TracDat, Friday, Feb. 6, 2015. Astronomy/Physics (K. Schwitkis), Geology (L. Clark) and Nursing 48, 145 (L. Barber/ Kim Harris) 149 (E. Willis) 150A, 152 (D. Heming) 150B, 155 (R. Johnson) 151 (N. Ozo) 153, 253 (Z. Mitu) 154, 251 (F. Hayes-Cushenberry) 156, 254 (S. Bosfield) and 250, 255(S. Thomas) have SLO assessments due Spring 2015. 

 Lead faculty members should start the Spring assessment process immediately.

III. Class Selection Policy

Further to the flex meeting discussion on how we distribute classes, faculty agreed that it is impossible to have a single policy for the Division. Individual areas will use what works best. Nursing is okay with providing choices and also changing schedules every semester. Majority in Science wants to keep the selection by seniority. Dr. Aasi wants a round robin policy for Life Science and Prof. Sidhu suggested each pick 2 classes, then one on the second round.

The discussion is to continue.   

IV. Attendance Procedures:

No Shows

Repeat offenders were identified. Faculty did not totally agree to the list because the system does not always work right.

Faculty will complete no shows on the first day of class.

V.  Program Review/Plan


Life Science Program Review is due Fall 2015. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure successful completion of the review. A training session to help faculty with PRP in TracDat is being proposed.

Faculty will study past review and program to be ready in Fall.

 VI.  Classroom Maintenance 


Good and neat record keeping is emphasized. Attendance and grades should be kept up to date. Poor attendance is identified as one major factor affecting student success. Faculty should enforce prompt attendance and use activities like quizzes to get students to class on time. There are still complaints about faculty not cleaning up after class is over. We should be considerate of the others who use the classroom. Janitorial service is still an issue.

 Faculty will implement the regulations stated in their syllabi.

IX.  Other Items

Professors who use guest speakers need to stay in the room throughout the presentation and not leave the class to the guest.



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