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                                          C DEV and PSYC FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

E 19 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Attendance: T. DeHardt   D. McPatchell   R. Most   A. Osanyinpeju (Facilitator)   H. Pham     C. Washington     A. Youngblood




I.  Welcome

Adoption of the minutes of the flex meeting was moved/supported by Profs. McPatchell/Pham.


II.  PLO/SLO      Spring 2015

     Dr. Khodagholian (Facilitator)

Dr. Khodagholian reminded us that Feb. 6 was the deadline to make all submission and corrections. She suggested that we pay attention to the   4-column design when entering reports.  She confirmed the lead faculty for CDEV were identified earlier at department meeting and identified same for PYSC: Psyc 10 (E. Cooper) Psyc 9B and 16 (D. McPatchell) and 12 (T. DeHardt) She will be sending out the complete list for Spring 2015 assessments soon.


III.  Program Review/Plan


Child Development Program Review is due Fall 2015. All fulltime faculty members are expected to contribute to the successful completion of the review. Identified lead faculty members signed up for the sessions scheduled for Thursday/Friday Feb. 19 /20, 2015. The workshop is to train faculty to conduct PRP in TracDat.

Faculty will collaborate to complete PR in Fall 2015.

IV.  Class Selection Policy  


Faculty will like to keep the current procedure which employs seniority in class selection. Prof. Most will like to ensure that this also applies to the adjunct faculty.


V.   Attendance Procedures:

            No Shows


Repeat offenders were informed that submitting data late will be reflected in their evaluation.  


VIInstructional Supplies


Faculty members were reminded of the deadline, Feb. 12, 2015 to submit requests. Those with suggestions should pool the lists and forward to Ms Ellis in the Dean’s office.


VII.  CDEV Workshop

     Molina Foundation Partnership

The CDEV workshop will hold as planned Sat. March 14, 2015 in the faculty lounge. Dr. Pham will be providing flyers for faculty to distribute to the students.

CDEV faculty welcomes the idea of a partnership with the Molina Foundation. The foundation is working on logistics and will contact CDEV as soon as possible.


VIII.   Classroom Maintenance

 The faculty members are reminded that sharing classrooms means we have to keep it as clean and useable as possible. PE facilities need to be monitored. Outsiders should not have access into the facilities. Athletic Dir. Eric Mendoza will be involved to who uses the facilities. Faculty should not forget to clean and up to date class records as this impacts our funding.



IX.  Other Items

Prof. West-Lee is out sick. We hope she comes back soon. Lights and projector in E 20 need replacements.



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