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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Room MS-204

Attendance: F. Aasi        S. Arroyo (Counselor)        E. Boatwright         L. Clark          K. Coti  S. Khodgholian            W. Morris (Dean)      A. Osanyinpeju (Chair)         M. Priest        R. Sidhu          K. Schwitkis           G. Walker            E. Wallano




I.  Introduction

Prof. Sidhu introduced and welcome. He will be teaching in the Life Science area.


II. Supplemental Instruction 

Mr. A. Jimenez

The LRC will continue to provide tutoring/SI despite the handicap of no SI budget. LRC will be moving into new library building by March 17, 2014 and so no more MS computer lab or tutoring in MS building. Tours and assignments in the LRC are encouraged. Only designated classes and students are provided SI for proper data analysis and follow up. He requested referrals of good students for training as tutors/SI coaches. Training starts about 2 months before semester starts.


III.   SLOs…Ms Shirley Thomas


Dr. Priest is now the Science SLO facilitator. She explained all timelines will be finalized 02/10/14. PLOs are done and ILOs are in progress. All should attend TracDat training and report to Chair. List due by end of April, 2014.


IV. AA/AS vs AA-T/AS-T Degrees

Dr. Arroyo

Keep it, start new ones, or recommend TMC. good for CSU. Boosts gpa. More reqts. GE same, major differs. Advise them to graduate. Phys, geog, geol completed


Discussion is whether to continue AA or not because 4-year universities are requiring student complete AST. She presents both option to students but plans that students completes program in 2 years or at least petition in the 3rd.


V.   Course/Program Reviews

Geol 1               

Geol 3                   

Phys 1A, 1D               17,  micr 33

 The VP Acad. wants courses suggested for the 2nd 8-week schedule. Chem 4 and Biol15 suggested but the VP does not want Biol 15 taught now. 

 Geol 1, Geol 3, Phys 1A, 1D  are due Spring 2014 while Anat 30, Micr 33, and Phys 1B are due Fall 2014. Faculty will be participating with ECC colleagues when process starts.             


V.     Other Business


 We are trying to update the display boards but cannot locate the keys.

A contact information list is suggested but not everyone is comfortable releasing much information. At least, one with email and phone extension is okay.



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