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                                   NURSING and SCIENCE FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, April 6, 2015

MS 103 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Attendance: Aasi, F.; Boatwright, E.; Bosfield, S.; Clark,L.; Coti, K; Khodagholian, S.; Osanyinpeju, A. (facilitator); Schwitkis, K.; sidhu, R.; Wallano, E.; Walker, G.




I.  Welcome

Minutes of March meeting was adopted (Drs Schwitkis and Walker).


II.  PLO/SLO Spring ’15

     Dr. Khodagholian  

We have 6 weeks left in the semester. Please start now to put information in TracDat. Two more workshops are scheduled for the semester. The last week is for anyone who needs help with SLO reporting. Division is doing great but could be better. Facilitator did not agree with the report presented at a previous Senate meeting that our Division is behind the other two Divisions.

Faculty will assess and report SLOs before the end of the semester.

III.  Program Review

             Dr. Walker


Dr. Walker will soon start on the Life Science program review. He will ask for help if need be. He has the new template and welcomes suggestions for the next five years. He is talking with Center’s IRP rep. for data.Dr. Schwitkis needs to work on Astr/Phys review.

 He will provide a draft before the end of June, 2015.

Dr. Schwitkis will meet with Dr. Walker for a copy of last review.

IV.  Spring 2016 Schedule

Our 2016 schedule will focus on courses relevant to the AST degrees. Faculty should encourage students to take courses that count towards graduation. All Friday and Saturday classes should be considered for Biol, Chem, and Geog courses. Group is divided on offering three-hour classes once or twice a week.

No faculty member will work a two days/week schedule. Faculty may not also request to have classes only around 9-11am.

V.   Syllabi, Door and     

                            obligation cards.


Some have not turned in syllabi and door/ obligation cards to the Dean’s office. We need to observe our posted office hours and more importantly, keep to your start and end times. We may not compare the Center with Torrance because the situations are different.

 As we look forward to accreditation, we should be at our best in all aspects of our profession.

VI.  Summer Science


     Drs. Aasi/Wallano

Some materials have been provided to put the proposal together. It’s rather late but we will work on a draft to be reviewed Monday, next week.


VII.  Other Items


Faculty laptops will be renewed next year. Grade forecast should be done by Friday, 17th. Anyone who needs the computer room MS 203 should indicate early and we may be able to schedule with Math/basic skills.

Custodial service is still an issue.



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