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                                          C DEV and PSYC FACULTY MEETING

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

E 19 1:00pm – 2:00 pm.


Attendance: DeHardt, T.; McPatchell, D.; Mendoza, L.; Most, R.; Osanyinpeju, A (facilitator); Pham, H.; Washington, C.




I.  Welcome

 Minutes of March meeting adopted (Drs. DeHardt and Pham)


II.  PLO/SLO    Spring ’15


Many SLOs are due this semester. Friday workshop between 9 and 12pm in the library, room 108. Please advantage of this. There will be no more flex credits after this semester.Contact Dr. Khodagholian with questions: ext. 2846. CDEV 125/126 #3, 169 #2 (Pham); 163, 116, 107 all three, 108 #3 (Washington); 107 all three, 114 #3, 154 #1 (Most). PLO list will be emailed by facilitator. Dr. Pham reported that ECC CDEV is looking into reducing PLOs to three. Meeting is on 4/20/15.  PSYC 16 all three, and 9B (McPatchell). PE 227 (Mendoza).

 Faculty will assess and report SLOs before the end of the semester.

III.  Program Review and                           



CDEV faculty will meet 4/24/15 to discuss program review.


IV.  Spring 2015 Schedule


Our 2016 schedule will focus on courses relevant to the AAT degrees. Faculty should encourage students to take courses that count towards graduation.  

No faculty member will work a two days/week schedule. Faculty may not also request to have classes only around 9-11am.

VII.  CDEV Workshop

     Molina Foundation Partnership

CDEV students (36) attended the workshop. It is suggested that students pay $5 for registration to make them commit to attend.

Dr. Pham registered the center and CDEV with the Molina Foundation. We look forward to the May give-away.


VIII.   Committee Reports

Dr. DeHardt: Division Council is working on selecting the presidential scholar and hiring a Sociology instructor

Dr. Pham: CDEV ECC is looking at CAPP alignment and working on a survey for CDEV

********Faculty Devt. SubCommitte- Innovative Teaching last Tuesday (Please help me with the rep



IX.  Other Items

Custodial presence/ supervision is always absent especially Fridays and Saturdays. Prof. Washington could not get help with the door, Saturday. Janitors regularly do not clean our classrooms.

Psyc needs a printer. It was to share with CDEV but do not have codes to use the machine.

Thanks to Dr. Pham for the lunch.



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