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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Room MS-204    1:00 – 1:50 p.m.


Attendance: F. Aasi        S. Arroyo (Counselor)        E. Boatwright         L. Clark          K. Coti  S. Khodgholian            W. Morris (Dean)      A. Osanyinpeju (Chair)         M. Priest        R. Sidhu          K. Schwitkis           G. Walker            E. Wallano




  1. I.                   I.   Microscope  


We have problems servicing the Nikon E200 scopes we have now. Labomed CxL and Lx 400 models cost less and comes with free maintenance for 3 years. Either is proposed for purchase to replace the Microbiology or the Biology/ Physiology set depending on faculty recommendation. Both models will be displayed in the MS 106 Friday morning .


    II. SLO


Faculty members are reminded to attend the TracDat training. All reports are due by the last day of semester. Coordinator will be glad to offer a flex hour to help Science faculty upload data and report, May 9, 2014; probably in MS 203. Bring questions and data.


   III.   Lab Technicians / Supplies


Lab technician reported lots of slides were found in disposal boxes over the weekend. Faculty explained those were bad or old slides. Faculty agreed to identify such slides and make them available to the technicians for examination, disposal and replacement. The leak from Chem lab, Ms 228 has been stopped, and solution is being planned. Fume hood was shut down and will not be available until problem fixed.


  IV.  Student Success







Faculty worked on questions from Student Success forum and provided suggestions to be sent to the Student Success Dean.


  V. Other Business







 None. Meeting adjourned 1:50pm.




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