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Harbor - UCLA

  • Orientation:  Self-Study Guide
  • Orientation:  Self-Study Guide Test
  • Reorientation: Fall 2014 Self-Study Guide
  • Reorientation: Fall 2014 Self-Study Guide Test
  • The Orientation and Reorientation: Self Study Guide Mandated Test must be completed by all students assigned to Harbor-UCLA MC
  • Circle the BEST answer to each question directly onto the Self Study Guide Mandated Test Section
  • ANSWERS should then be transferred to the No. 882-E SCANTRON Form (green scantron form)
  • You are considered an LICENSED STAFF (Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse), therefore you are required to complete questions 13-29 on the ORIENTATION: Self-Study Guide Mandated Test, as applicable to your assigned work area
  • The minimum passing score is 80%; therefore you must answer 21 out of 26 questions correctly

    Instructions to access the 2009 Code of Conduct

  1. Go to the DHS Home Page here
  2. You will be prompted to enter your "first name" and "last name" and click next to continue (located in the upper right hand corner).
  3. You will hear a message from the Chief Compliance Officer (after you listen to the message click next button to continue).
  4. You will then listen to an array of information offering specific details regarding the Code of Conduct (after you listen to each message you will need to click the next button to continue).
  5. After you have completed the web-training, you will be prompted to take final assessment, which consist of 15 questions regarding the material you learned (you will have two chances to take the exam).
  6. Upon completion of the final assessment, please print your Certificate of Completion.  The completed certificate must be submitted to the department.  No Exceptions!

St. Francis Medical Center


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