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Frequently Asked Faculty Questions About SI



What extra work is required of faculty who participate in the SI Program?

The Instructors who participated in the SI Program have reported that there is a reduction in workload due to the assistance of the SI Coach. Program involvement includes (but is not limited to): regular communication with the assigned SI Coach, supporting the SI Coach by regularly promoting SI session attendance, providing feedback to the SI Coordinators to support program improvement, and occasionally attending regularly scheduled SI Coach training meetings during the semester.

Will the SI Coach follow my lesson plan and respect my teaching methods?

Yes! SI Coaches attend each class session to learn what course content is being covered, how the instructor covers it, and to become familiar with the syllabus/assignment timelines. This is one of the major benefits of SI. The academic support that students receive will be consistent with what is covered during normal class hours. 

Can I ask the SI Coach to grade my papers?

No. The purpose of SI Coaches is to provide additional support to students outside of class. SI Coaches do not grade homework or exams. 

Can I direct my SI Coach to cover specific topics in the SI sessions?

Yes! For example, one semester, after grading homework on probability, one math instructor found that her class in general had problems with the multiplication rule. She immediately shared this with her SI Coach, who was then able to facilitate discussion and lessons around this topic the following SI session.

Are students required to attend SI sessions?

No. Student participation is voluntary. Students should realize the benefits of attending SI on their own. SI sessions are scheduled to accommodate as many students as possible. However, there may be instances where students are unable to attend SI sessions due to scheduling conflicts.
Note: Experience has shown that students who cannot attend SI sessions will make an effort to contact their peers who do attend the sessions in order to find out what information was covered.

What if I realize several weeks into the semester that I no longer want to participate in the SI Program? Can I opt out at that time if I feel that SI is not benefiting my students?

No. Please give SI a chance. SI has been in existence for over 4 decades and has proven to be a successful program for achieving positive student outcomes. If concerns about the SI Program or Coach arise during the semester, please contact the SI Coordinator(s) for additional support:

Syria Purdom at spurdom@compton.edu

Denise Blood at dblood@compton.edu



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