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Math & Science Center

The Math & Science Center provides free group tutoring on a drop-in basis by trained peer tutors and adjunct faculty tutors. The Math & Science Center sponsors programs to further assist math students. The Math Workshop Series is a series of one-hour workshops presented by math tutors covering topics ranging from basic math to college algebra.

The Math & Sciences Center can assist you with the following:

  • Understand key concepts
  • Review chapter content
  • Help build stronger Math/Science study skills
  • Guide students through solving math and science problems

All tutoring is facilitated in a group-study environment and collaborative learning is highly encouraged.

Spring 2017 Math/Science Tutoring Schedule


SSC Resources 

In addition to drop-in tutoring services in the Math & Science Center, the SSC also provides students the opportunity to study anatomical and biological models on display.  The following is a list of the models currently available:

Anatomy flashcards for students wishing to review material and concepts

Anatomy  Models:

  • 1 model of layer of skin
  • 1 larynx with trachea
  • 1 larynx without trachea
  • 1 eyeball model
  • 1 outer ear
  • 1 cochlea
  • 1 inner ear bone model
  • 1 complete skeleton, unassembled
  • 1 complete skeleton, assembled
  • Embryonic Development model (9 pieces)
  • 1 urinary system model
  • 1 right kidney model with nephron and glomerular capsule
  • 1 respiratory system model
  • 1 male reproductive system model
  • 1 female reproductive system model
  • 1 stomach
  • 1 brain model

Assorted Bones:

  • 2 femur bones
  • 1 scapula
  • 1 clavicle
  • 1 floating rib
  • 1 box C1 C2 vertebra
  • 1 humerus
  • 1 tibia
  • 1 fibula
  • 1 radius
  • 1 ulna
  • 1 manubrium/sternum

In addition, the SSC also offers a collection of rocks and slides for students taking Geology courses.  All of these models require that you check them out with a SSC staff member.


More supplemental instructional tools for student usage:

  • Chemistry models and Math manipulative models 


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