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Frequently Asked Faculty Questions About SI

What extra work is required of me if I were to attach an SI section to my class?

The Instructors who have had a SI section report that there is actually less work than in a regular class because of the reduction in workload due to the assistance of the SI Coach. You will need to communicate on a regular basis with your SI Coach (that communication can be face-to-face, via e-mail, or by phone). You will also be required to provide your census roster and your final grade roster to the SI Coordinator so that final reports can be generated. The SI Coordinator will format your data into the final report.


Will the SI Coach follow my lesson plan and respect my teaching methods?

Yes! One of the main reasons to have the SI Coach attend all classes is so that the SI Coach will know exactly what you cover, how you cover it, and when you cover it. This is one of the major benefits of SI. The additional instruction your students receive will be consistent with your class and your voice. SI Coaches meet regularly, are observed during their SI sessions and ongoing training is also provided.


Can I ask the SI Coach to grade my papers?

No. While like a TA (teaching assistant) in terms of additional support for the students in class in a smaller group setting, SI Coaches are not TAs. SI Coaches do not grade homework or exams. 


Can I direct my SI Coach to cover specific topics in the SI sessions?

Yes! The two-way communication you establish with your SI Coach is crucial. For example, one semester, after grading homework on probability, one math instructor found that her class in general had problems with the multiplication rule. She immediately shared this with her SI Coach, who was then able to give extra attention to the topic during the SI session.


Can I give the students extra credit for attending SI?

No. Firstly, student participation is voluntary. Students should realize the benefits of attending SI on their own. Second, SI sessions are scheduled to accommodate as many students as possible (majority rules). However, there will be a group of students whose schedules will not permit SI attendance. Therefore, since not every student has the opportunity to attend, no extra credit can be given. Note: experience has shown that the students who cannot attend SI will make an effort to contact their peers who do attend SI sessions to receive information that was covered.


What if I realize several weeks into the semester that I really don't like SI? Can I opt out at that time if I feel hat SI is not benefiting my students?

Unfortunately, no, please give SI a chance. SI has been in existence for over 4 decades and has proven to be a successful program for achieving positive student outcomes. If concerns about SI arise during the semester, please contact that SI Coordinator abjimenez@elcamino.edu for additional support.



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