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Business and Industrial Studies

Guided Pathway Division

The Business and Industrial Studies Guided Pathway prepares students to utilize hands-on skills to further their career goals in high demand business and technical trades. Students in this pathway can grow in their career or enter related industries as an entry level or advanced apprentice.

Please note:

  • Compton College  is closed to the public until further notice. Only essential personnel are allowed on campus, as scheduled.
  • The majority of Compton College's Fall 2020 classes have transitioned online. Classes that can be held online are online. There are limited in-person labs on campus.
  • Student support services will remain online. The on-campus Student Health Center is open by appointment only.
  • Classes will remain online for Winter 2021 and Spring 2021.
  • Visit the Compton College COVID-19 webpage for more information.

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Degrees and Certificates Available

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (AS and CERTs)

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electric Contols
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting (AS and CERTs)

Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Collision Repair/Painting: Damage Estimating
Automotive Painting and Refinishing
Automotive Collision Investigation
Automotive Accident Reconstruction

Automotive Technology (AS and CERTs)

Automotive Brakes/Suspension Transmission/Drive Train Technician
Automotive Engine Rebuilding/Repair Technician
Automotive Technician I
Automotive Technician II
Automotive Tune-Up Technician
Automotive Air Conditioning Technician
Automotive Brakes and Suspension Technician

Business (AST, AD and CERTs)

Business Administration
Business Management
Business Marketing
Retail Management

Computer Information Systems (AS)

Computer Systems Applications (CERT

Cosmetology (AS)

Cosmetology Level I (CERT)
Cosmetology Level II (CERT)

Engineering Technology (CERTs)

Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology

Machine Tool Technology (AS and CERTs)

Numerical Control Programmer
CNC Machine Operator

Welding (AS and CERT)

Other Courses Available: Degree or certificate not available at Compton College.
Accounting, Electronics/CPU Hardware, Engineering Technology, Law, Manufacturing Technology, Real Estate

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Major Preparation Worksheets are available for all of the degrees and certificates listed above.

Contact Information

Dr. Paul Flor
Dean of Student Learning
310-900-1600, ext. 2273
VocTech Building, Room 150

Nicole Gordon
Senior Administrative Assistant
310-900-1600, ext. 2787
VocTech Building, Room 150

Celia Valdez
Instructional Division Coordinator
310-900-1600, ext. 2137
Voc Tech Building, Room 137

David Turcotte
Guided Pathway Division Counselor

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